Best-in-class Process

Our Best-in-class Process

Management Methodology, Organizational Practices & Tools and Continuous Improvement activities, standardized throughout FPT Software, are essential factors to ensure good quality products are consistently delivered in a timely manner.

Matured ODC Process

Since the success of the first ODC for customers in 2000, FPT Software has established more than 50 ODCs for clients from Japan, America, Europe, and South-east Asia. There are three phases to establishing an FPT Software ODC: set up an initial team, develop infrastructure and transfer knowledge. Our Agile software development methodology, applied for our ODC operations, ensures faster turn-around and delivery for customers. FPT Software concentrates on the following five areas when operating an ODC: Security, Communication, Training, Logistics and Finance, to ensure the highest level of quality within the budget, scope and time limitation of customer’s projects.

State-of-the-art Tool Suite

Project management at FPT Software is bolstered by the use of robust tools, which enable the monitoring and control of both individual performances as well as the entire production process. FPT’s customers appreciate the accessibility and transparency of FPT Software’s Management Suite, which is a web-based, in-house developed software package and platform for managing projects. This suite allows customers, project managers and company management to view the status of each project and the effort needed to complete the job in real time.

Information Security Process

To ensure customer’s data safety, and instill a sense of professionalism within the organization, FPT Software has implemented the ISO 27001 standard company-wide, encompassing all levels, from senior management to lower cadres. Customer data is secured through FPT’s Standard and Flat Security Policy. FPT Software staff and service providers must comply with 11 domains of the standard.

International Standard Software Process

As quality management is identified as a top priority in the Company, FPT Software has built robust systems and work processes with the expertise we have gained in our business over the years and across the world. FPT Software was thefirst company in Southeast Asia to achieve CMMI level 5, the highest level for software development processing. We always choose world-class standards and models to benchmark against such as SEI CMMI; ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.