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Our Service Offering

As a leading technology service provider,
FPT assists customers of all sizes and from any industries
in implementing and adapting digital technologies.

+ Application Services
+ Business Applications
+ Business Process Services
+ Managed Services
+ Legacy Migration
+ Testing
+ Building Information Modeling
+ Embedded System
+ IC Design
+ Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
+ Artificial Intelligence
+ Blockchain
+ Cloud
+ Data Analytics/ Big Data
+ IoT
+ Mobility
+ Robotic Process Automation
+ Digital Healthcare
+ Digital Real Estate
+ IoV/ Connected Vehicles
+ Smart Factory
Digital Innovation
As an example of Industry 4.0, the developed Agile Factory explores impact and feasibility of customer changes during assembly-time using a software framework.
FPT’s Digital Transformation Consultancy service helps customers identify the gaps between where they are now and where they need to be, then closes them.
Through the use of digital technologies, analytics, devices and processes, customers will be able to improve efficiency and operational costs as well as achieve competitive differentiation.
FPT Automotive IoT in Predix combines FPT’s proven frameworks with GE Predix’ unique analytics power to meet evolving needs of our global customer.
Our expertise covers top-notch technologies in Fintech to optimize business process, enhance productivity, reduce fraud and increase customer satisfaction.
Our Content Streaming System has helped Fortune 500 satellite broadcasters step up their game and enhance both backend and headend solutions.
We care about Quality in delivering technology innovation through our compliance with CMMi-level 5, ISO 27001, ISO 9001.
FPT Software team of high-skill and talented IT engineers have been proudly improving quality of care for hundreds of millions of people around the world
4 Reasons to Go with Us


Digi-wizard teams of 4,000+ certified experts in various platforms & technologies (AWS, Azure, Predix, Cloudera, etc.) to help customers transform their business models.


Agile Factory for Digital Transformation to quickly validate ideas, provide prototypes within 1 week and carry out projects in a highly speedy manner.


Strong capability to deal with projects of different sizes with a pool of more than 15,000 + talents.


Leverage costs by BestShore & Offshore Model, leverage latest digital platforms and technologies to optimize cost while improving performance.


Success Stories

Explore how our customers successfully digitalize their business
and operations with the help from FPT


Voice of Our Customers

Over the years, FPT has proudly been partner with more than 600 customers, 100 of which are Fortune 500s.
Our customer’s satisfaction and achievements is the ultimate indication of our own success.

“It’s been eye-opening for us to see the breadth of skills that FPT has and commitment that they have, the commitment that people have to the customers, so we’ve been very favorably pleased by what we’ve seen.“

Mr.John Donovan,
Chief Strategy Officer, Group President.
AT&T Technology and Operations.

“FPT was very professional in the previous project. One of the strengths that was quite interesting is the flexibility on the interaction with us. They are able to push very competitive proposal to us compared to all of the providers.”

Mr. Frank Bignone,
Digital Transformation Leader for Asia-Pacific region.

“Solidarity, Ambition and Leadership” are three words used to describe FPT Software in this testimonial.”

Mr. Toshihiko Kawano,
Executive Director.
Hitachi Aloka.

“I appreciate that you have the ability to handle even new and difficult request”.

Mr. Watanabe,
Head of Software Development Center.
Panasonic ITS Co., Ltd.

“Among other Vietnamese Enterprises, FPT is outstanding because of the rich labour force who are young and full of energy”.

Mr.Takahashi Akihiko
Vice President & Executive Officer.
Microsoft Japan Co, Ltd.

“The strengths of FPT are about following things: customer focus, speed of execution and the ability to work with us as well as understand our need very closely”.

Mr. Phuong Tram,
Former Global Chief Technology Officer.


Our Partner Network

With the common goal of bringing more values while
minimizing risks and costs for customers,
FPT and our strategic alliances join forces to deliver top-notch advantages propelled by business insights and technology innovations.

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