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Testing Center of Excellence: The Power of Centralization

As the technology landscape is going through a tremendous change, the existing model of project-level Quality Assurance (QA) is insufficient. A Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is a command center that makes use of standardized tools and processes to enhance the alignment between enterprise environment and IT, and increase QA efficiency. FPT TCoE provides clients with access to a scalable resource pool to ensure high quality of products and services.

How can we optimize your test effort?

Software Testing

The vital testing to ensure your system works as expected, including integration and regression tests.

Compatibility Testing

Essential part of legacy system migration to ensure it works well on the new platforms

Embedded Product Testing

Provide end-to-end testing services for embedded hardware and software

Mobile Testing

Ensure mobile applications & mobile devices work as expected

Cloud Testing

Ensure applications, environments and infrastructure conform to the expectations of cloud computing business model

Inter-Operability (IoP) Testing

FPT IoP Lab focuses on assisting customers in ensuring devices’ inter-Operability by providing all the common components/devices/environment needed.

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Quality has now become a top competitiveness driver for any business who looks

to differentiate itself in the global market. Our team of 1,700 testers worldwide

have been offering our expertise to our 200+ clients of all industries.

Testing tools

CITUS™ Cloud Load Test

Quickly test your web services for Performance and Scalability on Amazon Web Services. Easy and on-demand.


With the help of CITUS™ CloudATS, setting up test environment has never been that easy. Built-in functional keyword framework, allows practically anyone to create automation test easily.


A test management tool which ease the test management. Visual dashboard with multiple test reports based on specific KPIs provide an easy and overview of quality status of whole project.

FPT’s Success Stories

Automation Testing for Enterprise Security Solutions

The client has a core product that provides complete control of virtual and physical IT configurations, combining configuration assessment with change auditing in a single software solution for enterprise configuration control. This product is frequently maintained and upgraded so FPT Software was chosen to assist in automation testing of the maintaining process.

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Automation Testing for Content Management System

The client was developing a Web-interface application which can allow non-technical users to manage process of importing, sharing, and versioning multi-media assets before publishing them to mass media. In the maintenance phase, to reduce time to production, it is required to have automation testing for the regression test needed for each production release.

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Mobile Automated Testing

Our customer- a service provider for energy efficiency infrastructure- was in need of building an application which for finding, reserving and using electric car chargers. The application must include integrated payment option, have two independent operating system with short life cycle but support for old version. With automated testing frameworks, automatic language switching and same-day regression testing, FPT helped to get rapid result turnover, improve reporting and upheld business expectation.