Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

“Most Digital Transformation attempts
do not reach their stated goals,
It's a Real Marathon.”
Frank Bignone
Global Director of Digital Transformation at FPT Software
Airbus Former V.P., Asia Pacific & China Digital
Transformation Leader

End-to-End Digital Transformation Services


Consultancy & Coaching

  • Blueprint Roadmap

    Blueprint Roadmap

    Working with your CXO level and business line directors in order to design the next 1-3-5 years digital transformation roadmap for your organization
  • Digital Assessment

    Digital Assessment

    Conducting review of your company current digital strategy and DNA to assess your current capabilities and areas to be improved vs strategy
  • Digital Transformation Workshop

    Digital Transformation Workshop

    Conducting a 2 – 5 day workshop to demonstrate how digital transformation and digital capabilities can impact and transform your business
  • Digital Benchmark

    Digital Benchmark

    Showing how transformation is run in order industry / your sector in order for your organization to better assess impact of digital transformation on your industry
  • Digital Transformation Communication

    Digital Transformation Communication

    Supporting the communication inside your organization of the digital transformation strategy in order to accompany your people during that journey.
  • Digital Transformation Training

    Digital Transformation Training

    Training on how transformation shall be conducted in one organization classic pitfalls and ways of solving them; available from C-level to managers.

Discovery & Development

  • Ideation


    Helping your team through ideation / design thinking to define clearly business problems and visualize potential solutions for future implementation
  • Discovery


    Demonstrating key digital technology impact to solve some of your challenges through ideation and MVP development with generated value assessment
  • Portfolio Management

    Portfolio Management

    Supporting your organization moving from PoCs / MVPs to operational digital capabilities in production with scale-up and productization support
  • Digital Transformation Platform

    Digital Transformation Platform

    Build and run platform for your needs around data & digital continuity using state of the art products and components from FPT and its partners
  • Digital Transformation Capabilities

    Digital Transformation Capabilities

    Development / integration of matured specific digital capabilities solving your business challenges with generated value assessment and in-production scale-up
  • Analytics & AI

    Analytics & AI

    Support for advanced analytics and AI/ML modeling based on specific business problems with focus on solution industrialization
  • New Business

    New Business

    Support and coaching to define / explore new business opportunities linked to digital technologies in a collaborative discovery mode

Scaling Up & Operations

  • Development Center

    Development Center

    Setting up dedicated Near-Shore / Off-shore Development Center to accelerate your industrialization development with skilled and scalable resources
  • Rebadging


    Rebadging IT Services personnel to FPT Software optimizing your costs and IT staffing resources, professional services personnel, and/or software developers.
  • Portfolio Management

    Portfolio Management

    Supporting your organization moving from PoCs / MVPs to operational digital capabilities in production with scale-up and productization support
  • Center of Excellence

    Center of Excellence

    Helping you to create dedicated Center of Excellence around key technologies for your company such as AI, Analytics, Cloud… supporting with our talents
  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    Operating, maintaining, supporting and anticipating need for your services in order to improve operations and to optimize your expenses
  • Business Process Outsourcing

    Business Process Outsourcing

    Business Process Outsourcing for a wide range of domains like accounting, customer support, telemarketing, data labeling…
  • Help Desk

    Help Desk

    Dedicated outsourced help desk to support your operations and customers with optimized costs and automation
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Speed Up the Journey for More Value

FPT Digital Transformation Kaizen

  • Revenue growth up to 40%
  • Cost reduction up to 25%

Digital Transformation Garage

  • 70% Success rate
  • 2 times DX speed increase


  • 16k+ Skilled Engineers
  • 2k+ Data analysts in
    25+ Countries and territories

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Phuong Tram
Chief Advisor of Digital Transformation at FPT Software
Dupont Former CIO

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