Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

Power up your retail business with the right digitalization strategy
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In this digital era, retailers are facing continuous changes in consumer preferences and behaviors. With more than 30 years of experience in providing IT services, FPT offers various services that could empower retailers with next-gen technologies. Our solutions help enterprises revamp customers’ engagement with personalized experiences, operational excellence, innovation as well as adapt to today’s multi-channel commerce landscape.

FPT Digital Retail Platform

A cloud-based centralized management platform enables Retailers to transform into a customer-centric and data-driven enterprises.

In-store Service Tracking

  • Auto check out
  • Voice order
  • Chatbot
  • Payment integration
  • Environment monitor
  • Traffic counting and customer service tracking

Retail Chain Management

  • Auto replenishment
  • Budget & planning
  • Logistics & rebate optimization
  • Share Service Centre (SSC)

Data Management

  • Customer behaviour tracking
  • Historical and real-time data analysing
  • Video analysing
  • Traffic & buying pattern prediction

Employee Management

  • Auto shift scheduling by traffic
  • Realtime KPI monitoring
  • Recruitment
  • User management
  • Task management

What We Do For You

Improve Customer Experiences
  • Personalized experiences thanks to more accurate and actionable customers insights from captured data
  • Engage & retain loyalty customers by reward, gamification
  • Maintain connection with customers through omni channel B2B, B2C, B2B2C
Optimize Operation
  • Better stability and lower expenses with the adoption of Automation and AI
  • Enhance employee satisfaction with enterprise mobility and shared services
  • Improved employee experience that allows higher productivity
More Revenue Streams
  • Increase sales and expand your customer base via omni channels (e-commerce, loyalty, delivery)
  • Ideas for new products from data analytics

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akaCXM - Customer Experience Management

  • Reward Management
  • Content Management
  • Gamification Engine
  • Social Hub
  • Loyalty

akaPOS - Central Pos And ERP For Retail

  • Payment Processing
  • Sales Monitoring and Reporting
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Management

akaCOMMERCE - O2O And Omni Channel

  • Personalization
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Online order - Full flow
  • Integrate with loyalty, backend, payment gateway, logistic vendor, affiliate, etc..

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End-to-end Services

We offer a comprehensive package of services from consulting, development, implementation, roll-out, maintenance & support

Global Presence

Our teams in 25 countries ensure 24/7 support, low delivery expenses and in-depth knowledge of best practices in each area

Speed & Scale

With thousands engineers, we are capable of scaling the projects to customers’ needs within a short amount of time

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