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FPT Software delivers cost-efficient and integrated CAD/CAM engineering services to support the manufacturing and CNC machining industry.


CAD/CAE Services

Responding to the growing needs of business, FPT provides a broad range of services covering CAD/CAE.

CAD/CAE Engineer Dispatch Service


Leverage Cost Competitiveness

With a large pool of human resource and optimum skill set, we believe that our resident engineers are able to radically fulfill the clients’ requirements based on a reasonable cost.


Flexibility and Productivity

As our engineers have language professional working proficiency, they are able to actively and directly discuss with the clients. By shorten the process, we believe that enterprises could radically emphasize the flexibility and productivity of project.

CAD/CAE Contract Outsourcing Service


Diverse talent pool

In accordance with the clients, FPT will build up a team with appropriate skill set.


Full-time responsive

At FPT, our engineers are full-time responsive to the clients’ requests. After thousands of projects, our 24/7/365 support has proved its quality.

CAD/CAE Service Offerings


(Computer-aided engineering)

FPT will respond to businesses that require such human resources.

• CAD Data Migration;
• 2D drawing,3D Data Modelling, balance diagram and design support for single parts and assembly (Vehicle, Motorcycle, Machinery, etc.);
• 3D Rendering;
• 3D scan data processing;
• CAD process automation and optimization;
• Preparation of arrangement documents & materials (Japanese / English / other languages);
• CAD operation automation;

We respond to customers’ request, from one-shot work contract to lump-sum contract with development of macros for Excel and CAD-Tools such as CATIA, NX, ProE, Creo, Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCAD.


(Computer-aided Design)

Through years of experience in the field of CAE, FPT offers top-notch outsourcing service and can meet the requirements of our customers after a short training period.
• FEM-based modeling and simulation. Setting up and modeling full vehicle models and vehicle module models;
• Performance analysis of structure, strength & durability, NVH, dynamic stiffness, structure borne & airborne noise;
• Automating & optimizing CAE process through macros and scripts;

FPT’s services are trusted by global customers due to the standardized model creation process and analytical knowledge in the automotive industry. We also leverage CAE software macro development to improve quality and productivity.

Our success stories

Model cut macros

When extracting the mesh of B-PLR, if manual cut is performed, it will take time to correct because the mesh quality of the extracted part deteriorates. To shorten the modification time, create a macroization that cuts the mesh cleanly. Working time reduced by 90%

Oil pump chain sound analysis

– Create Engine Parts Mesh, Calculation Condition Setting, Summary of Results

– Created an easy-to-understand reporting process and form and received evaluation.

Harness route design

– Design the harness system circuit with CABLING DESIGN software.- Create a harness route while adjusting the position of peripheral parts and each unit.Based on the position of each unit, a harness 3D route was created to manufacture the harness, security and disaster prevention are confirmed.