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Advanced Analytics

 Your data can help build the future of your business.

FPT’s Advanced Analytics is a Key for your Growth.

The competitive and evolving global market is leading to a wave of digital transformation where data that’s being created and stored within an organizations is increasingly significantly. Harnessing this data with advanced analytics can provide organizations with critical tools to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and move to innovate business models.

Advanced analytics is the autonomous or semi-autonomous examination of data or content using sophisticated techniques and tools, typically beyond those of traditional business intelligence (BI), to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations.

Four groups of analytic applications:

Key Benefits


Deeper Insight

Advanced analysis of diverse data sources enables you to gain deeper insights into your customers and employees wants and needs.


Comprehensive View

Integrating new data streams delivers a more comprehensive view of your overall business. Use these combined insights to create new business models and find new ways of staying ahead of your competition.


Greater Innovation

Your data can help your business learn and adapt. By monitoring and analyzing data from multiple sources in near real-time, you can enable your business to have a culture of innovation.


Higher Operating Margins

With the insight gained from easily collecting and analyzing your data, you can change production activity, fine-tune your maintenance schedule, or find less expensive materials.


Efficient Scale

The Internet of Things lets you scale from the smallest data point to global deployments, and FPT’s Advanced Analytics lets you turn those data insights into intelligent action.


FPT’s Advanced Analytics Services

FPT provides complete services to incorporate Advanced Analytics into your operations from platforms to applications. Our Agile approach enables quick-win solutions to demonstrate ongoing impact.


Consulting & Assessments

Business Reengineering
System, Data Investigation
Requirement Definition
System, data, use-case advisory
Data processing service

Solution Delivery

Design and Delivery
Model design
Platform design
Applications design

Continuous Optimization

Continuous improvement
Customer support


Reengineered business flow
System, Data investigation report
Roadmap though out the phases
Requirement List
Fully trained data set

Full stream system delivery
Infrastructure (Server, Cloud)
Analytics Platform
Analytics Engine
BI, Analytics, Decision support Application

Auto-update analytics model
Customer self-system tuning
New business fit extension Solution

FPT’s Success Stories

Advanced Analytics for Healthcare System

The customer runs several elderly healthcare centers in Japan. They applied sensors and cameras to watch elders to see their condition (if they are thirsty, they are falling, they are requiring any assistances, they are walking or sleeping, and even if they are breathing normally or not) so they can be supported in time. Everyday each sensor can generate up to 2GB data and the center has 15000+ sensors.

The history data of 3 years needed to be stored, and it cannot be processed, since the history data was too huge for the obsolete system. The customer needed an agile solution which can be employed fast and expandable to grow the business at a reasonable cost.

They would like FPT to build an AI system to check elders’ condition and detect their movement.

To help out customer, we analyzed, designed and developed big data platform for customer on AWS and migrated all data history to this platform. We developed data pipelines to process all data used for BI, Data Analytics, and other applications of customer.

The AI system includes:

  • Fall Detection
  • Get up call
  • Sleep detection
  • Out-of-room detection
  • Room visiting detection

The system helped to detect location of things, equipment, and people then analyzed from images and counted log times. If there are any anomaly activities, it will notice automatically to the admin center to support elderly patient immediately

Thanks to our solution, the system performance can be 300 times faster: processing time of one day’s data decreased from 27 hours to only 5 minutes. History data of 3 years from 30 centers can be processed within 7 hours. Reducing time and labor effort helps managers monitor workload of doctors, nurses and other employees effectively. Moreover, supporting elderly patient timely prevents unexpected accidents.

Online User Behavior Analytics

FPT’s data lake of online business includes vnExpress, Sendo, FPT Play, FPT shops.

Using Advanced Analytics technique, FPT Software developed personalized recommendations for online services and advertising based on a visitor’s browsing history and their preferences.

As a result, visitor’s average time on site significantly improved as well as the total number of clicks per day.

Vietnam’s Smart Traffic Platform

To reduce the traffic congestion in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam, FPT developed a smart transportation platform on AWS with analytic tools that provide:

– A traffic information system with video analytics to integrate data from which adaptive traffic signal control & priority are given.

–  An intelligent Bus Management System to manage and predict bus time by processing 8 million GPS messages from end-users per day.

– Automated ticking system an fare collection for bus and railway