Media & Entertainment

Emerging technologies are bringing Media & Entertainment in motion with anyone and anywhere. In fact, Netflix was hitting the jackpot by analysing user behaviours. Therefore, FPT’s solutions are designed to help our clients to build up their strategy, reinvent the interactions with the audience and seamlessly connect the technology with Media Industry.


600+ engineers

specialized in Communication, Media, Entertainment



in various technologies, including Voice Recognition, AI, Natural Language Understanding



by prestigious clients in the industry, including companies in top 10 of Fortune 500


Embrace your media experience with FPT

Content Management

・ Augment content and data from multiple sources vendor

・ Create comprehensive library catalog

・ Ads management

Traffic & Scheduling

・ Configure channels, Program definition

・ Schedule events for a broadcast day

・ Generate playlist for channels

Monitoring and Control

・ Detect missing metadata

・ Fulfillment missing metadata

・ OCR detection

・ Bandwidth monitoring

・ Sub-system health monitoring

Video Processing

・ Video Encoder

・ Packaging  and Segmenting

・ Ads Insertion

Broadcast & Streaming

・ Data Packaging

・ Satellites broadcasting

・ OTT Streaming

・ Networking and transponder configuration

User Experience

・ Set top Box

・ Mobile Apps

Success Stories

Broadcasting satellite TV ODC

An ODC is set up, providing Performance Tuning, Mobile & Voice Control Program Guide, Cloud Service Integration, etc.

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Automation testing for CMS

A one-stop solution for the client’s Web-interface application to manage process of importing, sharing, and versioning multi-media assets before publishing.

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PC Communication Data Sharing System

PC Communication System is developed to add additional features and maintenance.

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“The Alliance’s common SDK and specification, joint QA process and single contract reduce the time and cost of application publication, resolving development inefficiencies and alleviating the fragmented TV market. With today’s launch of the Common Developer Portal, the Alliance delivers a true ‘build once, run everywhere’ ecosystem.”

Seijiro Yasuki,
President of Smart TV Alliance
Chief Technology Executive of Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation

Want to improve your customers experience? Take a look at our advanced technologies!



・Customer Segmentation


・Smart Advertising

・Fraud Detection


Natural Language Processing

・Voice Query

・Context Continuation Detection

・Human-Machine Dialog

・Sentiment Analysis


Data Consolidation

・Data Enrichment

・Data Normalization

・Data Ingestion


Semantic Indexing

・Text Mining

・Knowledge Graph Search


Computer Vision, Image Processing

・Object Detection

・Automatic Annotation


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