Digital Logistics

FPT's Digital Logistics renovation for better integration & management

FPT's Digital Logistics renovation for better integration & management


Smart Pickup & Delivery

• Smart Locker
• Mobile Supporting Delivery
• Customized Pickup Scheduling
• Blockchain End-to-End Logistics
• New Online shipping platform


Transportation & Carrier Management

• Carrier Integration
• Real-time Fleet Management
• Tracking Services
• IoT for Transportation conditions


Warehouse & Inventory Management

• Advanced WMS
• Warehouse Optimization
• Warehouse Operation Analytics
• RFID and Beacon Inventory Control
• Inventory Auto-inspection /Auto-checking


Information & Operational Support

• Business Intelligence Dashboard
• Chatbot
• Omni-channel


Packaging & Labeling

• Mailing System
• Packaging/Labeling Robotic
• Automation and Embedded System


Smart Seaport

• AI Container Auto-verification
• AI Quay crane Auto-tracking for lighter
• Port Operation Reporting & Analytics
• Container Switch Optimization

Let FPT accompany you on your digital logistics journey

Why FPT?

Over the years, FPT has been trusted by numerous businesses in Logistics industries to develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Intensive Experience
  • For over a decade, FPT has been offering numerous services and solutions to world’s top logistics services providers, carriers, retailers and manufacturers in the logistics industry.
Scalable Resources
  • Our large pool of talents including 1500 logistics experts and engineers globally allows us to provide highest readiness and 24/7 services.
Comprehensive Expertise
  • We have deep understanding of Logistics industries through hundreds of projects accross the supply chain, expecially in Japanese, EU, USA and APAC markets.
Strategic Partners
  • Our partnerships with the biggest technology disruptors such as AWS, Microsoft, SAP, IBM.. allows us to leverage innovative Digital Transformaton technology.

Success Stories

RPA – A Virtual Workforce for Logistics

A closer look at how RPA helps a European enterprise reduce 90% of effort on shipment tracking and processing time.

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Realizing the power of Data Analytics in Minimizing Transportation Costs

A leading company in Japan witnessed firsthand how to hasten decision-making process and realize an 80% reduction in transportation costs from their own data  

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Data Analytics for Root Cause Analysis and Recommendation System in Order Picking Operation

A company leveraged data analytics in reducing picking route by nearly 50%, hence boosting warehouse management.

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This paper aims to provide a picture of Omni-Channel, a hot topic when talking about Customer Communication Management. It plays the role of a bridge between a company and its customers and therefore builds up consistent and seamless customer engagemen across a variety of channels such as physical papers, SMS, email, mobile, etc.

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How customer demands are reshaping last-mile delivery

The last-mile delivery market is not only receiving lots of attention, investments, but also under a “significant disruption” from new business models that address customer demand for ever-faster delivery, as well as new technologies such as drones and autonomous ground vehicles. This document presents detail research on this interesting topic.

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