FPT Software Launches Document Digitalization Tool to Cut 80% of Data Entry Expenses

akaDoc FPT ORC Document Digitalization Tool

FPT Software has recently launched akaDoc, an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) platform that helps digitize various sources of documents by incorporating the latest technology in computer science and nature language processing (NLP). The solution is expected to help save 60-80 per cent of data entry costs for businesses.

akaDoc assists the process of extracting content from images or scanning documents and digitalizing them. Companies can digitalize various data entry processes such as categorizing, scanning hard copies and transforming them to digital forms, which makes it easier for data storage. It also helps reduce false identification cases by 60-90 per cent, which will then be utilized in AI engine training to improve the OCR quality over time.

akaDoc FPT ORC Document Digitalization Tool

akaDoc has been used by companies across Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia thanks to its remarkable accuracy. This solution has reached around 30 clients in different fields such as banking, insurance, government or healthcare sector, etc. FPT has also published the API of OCR platform internally to turn itself into a paperless office. akaDoc supports developing systems on Cloud platform and customers’ infrastructure. These products include Webserver, API SDK on Cloud and Mobile SDK.

Based on akaDoc’s OCR platform, FPT Software’s project team will continue to develop digital products and solutions within the same ecosystem involving eBizCard, Skill Inventory, Customer Onboarding, and Invoice Automation.

akaDoc FPT ORC Document Digitalization Tool

Digital transformation has become a game changer for firms to enhance creativity and gain competitive advantages in the global market. Whether to automate business processes or to adopt digital transformation, digitizing documents is an essential step, of which Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the core technology.

To learn more about akaDoc, please see the product website or contact [email protected].