Case Study: Enhancing ERP performance by the power of Cloud

Case Study Highlights

ERP has been long regarded as a mission-critical system that helps businesses improve all facets of their operations, including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, financials, sales, and marketing. With the booming of the Cloud, ERP has become more accessible than ever, enabling easy access to corporate resources to update and keep track of operations in real-time. Cloud-based ERP systems are becoming increasingly popular. Nearly all ERP vendors now offer some forms of cloud deployment options, and some have moved away from their on-premise offerings altogether.

Aware of these concerns, FPT has been partnering with clients to transform their infrastructure systems by migrating and running ERP workloads on the cloud to maximize the potential benefits of the two technologies. This case study specifically focuses on how one of the global leaders in food products combines the power of SAP Workloads and Microsoft Azure.

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