Scalable Resource Pool

Human Resource is our most valuable asset

People are prized assets in a knowledge industry such as ours. To ensure a highly motivated team, peak performance and to develop world-class leaders, FPT Software invests heavily in its people at all levels.

FPT University – a strategic resource supplier

FPT Software co-operates closely with a host of reputable domestic and overseas universities and leverages the best from its very own ‘FPT University’. FPT University, the first corporately-owned university in Vietnam, is expected to be an important base for FPT’s talent pool and serves as the cradle for intermediate and senior technical professionals.

Established in 2006, currently we are training 18,000 students in different programs, two thirds of whom are majoring in software engineering. After 10 years, FPT University – the first university in Vietnam established by an enterprise – has reached the next level to become FPT Education Group in 2016 with new strategy and vision to become network Education Group which targeted 150.000 students by 2025. Students from FPT University are provided with internship opportunities in FPT Software while they are studying in their 2nd or 3rd year.

Low Turnover Rate – Unique Corporate Culture

FPT Software’s turnover rate is less than 10% while the industry average across Asia is 20% plus. Talent is recognized, performance is rewarded and leaders are groomed in the FPT environment which encourages teamwork and excellence. FPT Corporation in general and FPT Software in particular have developed a unique corporate culture which has made it a very attractive destination for talent from across Vietnam to pursue their potential careers and has resulted in such a low turnover rate.

Largest Human Resource Pool in Vietnam

FPT Software possesses the largest software human resource pool in Vietnam. This gives us the agility to take on any project challenge – small, medium or large. The young engineers, with a median age of just 27, can communicate in English, Japanese, French as well as other languages, are eager to learn and can quickly adapt to clients’ processes.