Why FPT Software

Why should you choose FPT Software?

Trusted By Global Leaders

With more than 10 years of experience in software outsourcing services, we are trusted by global leaders for our commitment, quality processes, engineering competencies and willingness to learn fast.

Scalable Resource Pool

People are prized assets in a knowledge industry such as ours. To ensure a highly motivated team, peak performance and to develop world-class leaders, FPT Software invests heavily in its people at all levels.

Best-in-class Process

Management Methodology, Organizational Practices & Tools and Continuous Improvement activities, standardized throughout FPT Software, are essential factors to ensure good quality products are consistently delivered in a timely manner.

Competitive Cost – Advantage of Vietnam

With a combination of high productivity, high quality and competitive prices, FPT Software delivers real value for money.

Leading Through Innovation

FPT Software has taken the industry lead by investing in four key areas – Cloud Computing, Mobility , BI & Analytics and Collaboration, which are the building blocks for technology products and enterprise applications of the future. Our passion and commitment to investing in new technologies is why innovative enterprises turn to us to help them develop their technology strategy.


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