Why Automotive IT Consulting is Gaining More and More Popularity

Automotive IT consulting is no longer considered an optional service for those who can afford expert’s advice. On the contrary, it has become a basic strategy that both start-ups and leaders of the automotive industry use to successfully compete on the market.

Such popularity is not just a trend; IT consulting automotive companies such as FTP Software provide lots of benefits with a direct impact on the bottom line of the client company. Here is how they do it.

Niche Expertise and an Outside Perspective

Automotive IT consulting companies leverage the winning combination of niche expertise and outside perspective. Namely, they are on top of the latest automotive technology trends and are aware of the security and compliance risks peculiar to this industry.

At the same time, they hold a firm view on the demand and expectations of automotive software. Being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of other players on the market, automotive IT companies help to spot and fill the available niches and meet the needs of the target audience.

Creation of Customer-Centric Products

Automotive IT consulting experts help to understand what software characteristics will impact the purchase decision and translate these characteristics into technical specs. Overlooking this aspect of software creation, a company may end up investing too much time and money into the development of the product that cannot stand market competition due to the high price, inadequate features or poor UX design.

Working with an experienced automotive IT consulting company, automotive companies can rest assured that the expectations of the target audience will be met.

Safety and Security Compliance

Safety and security compliance is a matter of increased concern in the automotive industry. If your connected vehicle is vulnerable to hacking and poses personal security risks, it doesn’t matter how many cool features software has. What is more, with cyber-crimes adding up to over $1 trillion dollars in 2018, safety breaches may trigger costs an automotive company won’t be able to handle.

An IT consulting automotive firm identifies possible vulnerabilities and establishes stringent testing and security protocols that allow avoiding possible issues. It can also help to train employees in cybersecurity and assist in reputation management when a recall is necessary.

Optimization of Resources

An expert automotive IT consulting company carefully analyses project requirements and the available resources to develop the best course of action. It is in a better position to prepare cost estimates and identify hazards to timely project completion. If external support is needed, automotive IT consulting helps to attract reliable contractors and establish proper management of distributed teams.

All this allows automotive companies to focus on their core business functions and carry out complex software development projects within the budget and according to the schedule.

Boost in Productivity and Efficiency

Companies that provide comprehensive automotive IT consulting leverage the best tools and technologies that build upon the effectiveness of AWS managed services. These include tools and technologies used for:

  • Release and deployment
  • System stabilization and optimization
  • Anomaly detection
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Infrastructure and operation management

Levering the expertise and experience of the IT consulting company, an automotive business can gain a substantial competitive edge.

Best ROI

Automotive IT consulting is focused on the overall business outcome and can spot growth opportunities in various aspects of the automotive business. For example, a suggested innovative IT solution may address vehicle automation, cybersecurity, fuel efficiency, navigation, as well as sales, maintenance, or logistics.

While an automotive company can fail to see what aspect needs to be addressed in the first place, an automotive IT consulting company is here to match the viable technology and the expected outcome. This results in the best possible return on the technology investment.

Faster Time to Market

Under the conditions of increased competition, time to market (TTM) of technological innovation may have a decisive role in its success. Those who can enjoy the first-mover advantage take it all. The truth is, a company can rarely enjoy this advantage if they are not cooperating with a seasoned automotive IT company.

Automotive IT consulting companies understand the importance of improving time to market and help to streamline the processes. As a result, an automotive business can gain more revenues and higher market shares.


Digital transformation has penetrated every sphere of human life redefining everyday practices and raising expectations towards digitalization even further. To stand the competition and win tomorrow’s customers, the automotive industry should be ready to leverage the latest technology.

Automotive IT consulting is a proven way to optimize automotive business for current and emerging IT trends while getting the best return on technology investment.