Top 7 Trends In Automotive IT Consulting

The automotive industry is now becoming one of the most complex in the world as a result of consumer requirements. Due to technological advancements, the industry is now moving its processes from offline or manually handled to online or internet handled. The market is throwing up new challenges and the automotive industry is looking for ways to meet up with its competitors.

To be able to do this, companies now use automotive industry consulting firms to increase the sales and functionality of vehicles across the globe with the aim of providing technologies and services that would provide a better life to consumers.

Most IT consulting automotive firms are constantly looking for ways to provide better services and technologies. Customer needs are now the basis for the creation of new technologies and upgrading existing ones. A consulting firm provides advice and expertise on the use of computers, telecommunications and technologies. They help to plan, design, test, implement, retrieve, store and manipulate data to effectively achieve business objectives, and access the operational efficiency on behalf of a business. Consulting firms may help to write user and technical documentation, help purchase hardware, and software systems on behalf of a business, provide training and support to employees and customers on the use of IT technologies – thus, supporting overall digital transformation management activities to transition users to new technologies and procedures.

Consulting firms are working closely with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, technology companies to strategies and develop outstanding solutions to increase service rendered to consumers. They provide support to top management when making strategic decisions, especially in an environment of disruptive change and uncertainty. Here are the top 5 automotive IT consulting trends that define the industry nowadays. 


  • Cloud Computing


Cloud computing has become essential to many businesses around the globe and the automotive industry is another sector that is greatly benefiting from migration to the cloud. It has always been known for its focus on technology and innovation. Cloud computing involves migrating data from offline or manual processes to the internet using remote servers. Although, most automotive startups now use technologies that use cloud computing technologies and existing companies are needing the help of an IT consultant to move their data to the cloud.  


  • Data Storage


The automotive industry deals with a wide array of demands in handling critical business processes. Most companies are migrating to the cloud because this helps manufacturers overcome complexity more quickly. It also addresses the problem of insufficient storage space or computing capabilities by providing additional storage on demand while making the implementation and adaptation processes short and simple.


  • Security


Cloud computing also helps boost automotive industries security by using powerful security controls like encryption. These security services are provided by expert staff who manage stored systems 24/7 and take care of the system in case of failures, hacks or breakdown.  Using cloud computing also helps to minimize risks because they create backups of information so most companies don’t have to worry about losing their data in case of accidental loss or disasters. 


  • Autonomous Features 


Cloud computing provides a digital environment for traditionally implemented in-house IT hardware and equipment to accommodate various production needs. Cloud computing has also helped manufacturers enhance the entertainment and infotainment systems in the vehicle and develop autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles capable of engaging with their environment.  


  • Collaboration


Collaboration between manufacturers, distributors and consulting firms has dramatic impact on the bottom line of the company. What is more, stuff is now the most important competitive advantage that cannot be copied over time. Thus, it is important to devote much attention to team management.Most automotive companies are looking for team members with unconventional and creative aptitudes and are in search of innovative management tools. SaaS solutions now offer endless possibilities in this respect. Using them, automotive companies don’t need to manage their own servers and can save upfront hardware costs as well as energy and staff resources costs. 


  • Big Data


As the transportation industry evolves, vehicle data changes with it. Applying Big Data in the automotive industry is not a new concept. Now, most organizations now have an increased amount of data that they have gathered and are still gathering. The gathering of Big Data is done from the multitude of sensors so conclusion can be drawn regarding consumer behavior. Application of Big Data in vehicles helps in measuring everything from position, speed, direction and even traffic signals.

Big Data does not only refer to data itself but also technologies that capture, store, manage and analyze variable collection of data to solve complex problems. Big Data impacts the security by providing features like automatic breaks, backup cameras, parking assist and more. It helps in capturing data during early production stages like design so that automakers can identify any potential flaws or errors and also help dealers analyze geographic data to determine what consumers desire. Big Data analytics have transformed driver experience by capturing real-time data from both inside and outside the vehicle.


  • Business Intelligence Consulting 


The growth of consulting firms and their ability to acquire new business can provide tangible value addition. These additions are in the area of process automation, compliance and talent management. New business models, development methodologies and disrupting company structures are emerging as a result of technological transformation. Most consulting firms have to upgrade their skills and service delivery mechanisms to suit the new legislature. To provide high-value advice and stay relevant, most consulting firms have to change their rules and laws to accommodate changes in operation.

In many cases, consulting firms also need to help to set up an effective outsourcing process. Since it is becoming increasingly difficult for a single firm to offer all services in various automotive areas, many companies now prefer to use outside staff or products. Thanks to professional consulting, automotive companies can outsource reliable IT services that results in optimizing operations for efficiency and maximizes profitability.