Top 5 most innovative automotive companies

Since the invention of the gas-powered car in the 1891s, automobiles have drastically changed. And they changed our lives too. Due to modernization, an increase in population and evolution, there are now around 1 billion cars in use and over 15 popular automotive companies worldwide. People now use cars as a status symbol and often upgrade for a better look or performance.


A digital transformation which is an application of digital tools to enhance performance, products, and services, has cut across different the financial, health, entertainment, security, and other industries and has become a strategy most companies in the automotive industry choose to adopt. Innovation can be inspired by a number of factors like consumer growth, legislation, or the wish to provide enhanced customer service and experience.


As automotive companies are blossoming with innovations, you need to understand and keep up with new technology entering the market. Read on to learn how these top 5 most innovative automotive companies are creating the future today.


1.  Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or Bavarian Motor Works (BMW)

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Bavarian Motor Works, popularly called BMW, is a German company and manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles. It is the world’s largest premium car-maker and has significant motorsport history, especially in sport and touring cars. BMW group is responsible for the production of popular automobile brands- BMW, Rolls Royce, and MINI.


BMW is one of the first automotive industry that adopted the electric model technology and the first industry that showed the worth of electric cars. BMW have ranges of electric car models like the i4, the i8 plug-in hybrid and the latest iNEXT SUV that would go on sale in 2021. The SUV will be one of the first completely autonomous cars on the road. The iNEXT model stands out for its forward-thinking approach and all-new polygonal steering wheel.


2. AUDI 

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This is a German automobile manufacturing company that designs, engineers, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. It is one of a few companies in the automotive industry that has a number of cutting-edge technologies. The first game-changing technology created by AUDI is the Pre Sense technology that is unique for its mitigation of crashes with the objects in front, side and rear position relative to the vehicle. When it senses an imminent crash, the suspension automatically adjusts to minimize the impacts on its occupants.


Another prominent innovative technology was the E-Tron, Audi’s first all-electric car with futuristic-looking side mirrors. AUDI has also added the virtual cockpit feature that turns the dashboard in front of the steering wheel into a video display.

3. Nissan

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Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile company headquartered in Yokohana. It is the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer with over 320,000 sales of all-electric vehicles in 2018.


Nissan is an automotive industry leader that offers a full suite of safety features at more affordable prices compared to other automotive companies. Nissan’s Pro Pilot, an advanced driver assistance technology, combined cruise control with steering assist to help drivers in their lane and provide automatic emergency braking when an imminent crash is detected.

4. Skoda 

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Skoda is a Czech automotive company headquartered in Milada Boleslav, Czech republic. The company offers simple ways of making its customers’ lives a bit easier each day. They are truly innovative and are behind the Ice Scraper in the petrol filler cap, umbrellas installed either underneath the front seats or in the doors of larger vehicles, as well as handy door bins.

5. Volvo

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Volvo is a subsidiary of the Chinese automotive company Geely headquartered in Sweden. It was the first company to introduce the common three-point seatbelts and remains an automotive company that places safety as its utmost priority. Volvo cars are equipped with autonomous emergency braking, driver attention alert systems, software to avoid oncoming traffic and adaptive cruise control.


Features Innovative Automotive Companies Implement

Innovative automotive companies respond to automotive trends and implement the features that are getting more and more popular on the market. These include:



  • Gesture control. A gesture control feature picks up movement and recognizes certain hand gestures. Thus, a driver can mute the sound or adjust volume without looking away from the road.



  • Reversing Assistant. A reversing assistant takes control of the steering will to maneuver out of long driveways or tricky parking spots. The driver only has to press a button when the car is stationary and put the car in reverse.



  • Laser light. The Laser light is impressively bright and more focused and provides excellent visibility at night or in low-light conditions.


  • Digital Key. NFC technology allows automotive companies to develop digital keys so that drivers can grant access and driving permission friends or family without even giving them the physical key.



The automobile industry is evolving and different automakers are implementing the latest technology and tools to produce the most exceptional, comfortable, and secure cars, reduce vehicle accidents, decrease expenses, and adapt to the evolving needs of a consumer. It time that your company takes up the way to digital transformation too.