The 13 Best Offshore Software Development Countries

The simple answer is – because it makes sense. There are countries where companies won’t have to pay as much for a developer’s hour compared to other destinations. And this doesn’t mean that one has to sacrifice quality – not even the slightest. 

We live in a broad world where standards are not, by no means, the same. What’s plenty for some countries is barely enough for others. 

With this in mind, offshore software development has become an accepted practice where, in an attempt to optimize expenses, companies send off the work to the other part of the globe and receive a discount based on nothing but the natural and simple difference in the cost of living. The benefits don’t even stop here. Relying on a remote team means companies don’t have to worry about working space, social benefits, and whatnot. It also allows them to diversify their service portfolio, focus on more important tasks, and so forth.

All things considered, let’s have a look at some of the most popular and attractive countries for offshore software development. 

#13 Poland

Poland is an outstanding destination for offshore software development. The only reason it’s so high up the list is that it’s part of the European Union and the prices there are solidified at Western Europe standards. 

In terms of technicalities, Python, Shell, Ruby, Java, as well as PHP is among the common programming languages that see a lot of specialists in the country. 

IT education is in demand and it attracts students from the entire continent, making this a great country to consider.

#12 Singapore

IT services in Singapore tend to be dominated by work with cloud technologies, migrations, and so forth. A study from 2019 showed that the key IT projects in Singapore involved data center migrations, as well as migrations to public or hybrid cloud systems. 

In other words, if your company works with cloud software, Singapore is a destination to consider. Again, the cost of development is not cheap, but the expertise is of a particularly high level. 

#11 China

China is undoubtedly the country with the heaviest reputation when it comes to outsourcing. The country’s primary focus is on high tech and mathematics. This makes it a hub for IT gurus and professionals alike. 

Projects related to Big Data, Python, and Shell, see serious adoption in the region and it’s definitely worth considering it.

#10 Argentina

Offshore software development companies in Argentina come with a tremendous background when it comes to both web and software development. The country has a lot of experts on data migration, engineering, and others. 

One of the things that make this possible is free education in the field of computer technologies, attracting a lot of students to the field. 

#9 India

This list would never be complete without including India. The country is well-known for its multitude of experts in the field of internet technology. 

In fact, there are so many offshore software development companies in India that it might be challenging to vet out the good ones from the shady providers. Additional research is mandatory. 

#8 Taiwan

The local government is known for its goal to turn the country into an Asian Silicon Valley. In 2020, Taiwan is introducing STEM education very actively, as well as furthering its interest in technology and innovation. 

This island has become one of the leading technology countries in the entire world and it’s an outsourcing destination to keep in mind. 

#7 Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has no shortage of IT specialists with various skill sets as this has become something rather normal for a lot of the countries in Europe. As with Poland, however, being in the central part of the Union makes it a bit more expensive compared to other destinations but it’s definitely guaranteeing a high quality of the deliverables.

#6 Hungary

Hungary is another country in Western Europe with a focus on software development, among other industries. 

While the skillset of the professionals is particularly high and the industry is regarded with very high standards, the cost issue remains and it’s not as efficient as other destinations. 

#5 Romania

Compared to Poland and Ukraine, the IT outsourcing market in Romania is considerably smaller. Nevertheless, with over 120,000 specialists, it’s a prime spot for it. 

Most of the professionals work from Timisoara, Bucharest, and Cluj-Napoca and boast a high level of skills as well as knowledge of the English language.

#4 Bulgaria

This small Eastern European country has managed to become one of the local leaders when it comes to software development. 

Bulgaria has a broad range of major companies specialized in offshore software development, most of which provide free training and plenty of courses. The interest in the industry among young people skyrockets as the payrates are the highest in the country, yet still relatively lower compared to other destinations, making this a very attractive choice for many companies. 

#3 Philippines

One of the main advantages of the Philippines is that English is the official language and software developers speak it fluently. 

It’s worth noting that experts from the region are known for delivering the work quicker and with very high quality. There are more than 200,000 technical experts who work in the country according to the Philippine Software Industry Association

#2 Ukraine

Teams in Ukraine tend to focus on mobile development, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, as well as crypto-related projects. 

There are companies who offer free training with the option to further employ the trainees later, providing people with a broad range of learning opportunities. The country is a well-known hub for offshore software development

#1 Vietnam

Vietnam is no doubt the leader in this list. The country is known for highly-skilled software developers, major corporations with a clear focus on the industry and comparatively affordable rates. 

The country boasts some of the biggest companies in the field with proven track record and vast experience. 

Industry moguls such as Microsoft, IBM, and Intel invest in software development in the region, making it easily one of the most attractive locations for outsourcing.