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Sustainable procurement

FPT Software has established a “Basic policy on procurement”. In all of our procurement transactions, we always comply with relevant laws and regulations while considering needs, quality, price, and the environment. We strive to build co-existence and co-prosperity relationships with our suppliers to enable continuous cooperation.

Basic policy on procurement activities

Date of enactment: March 15, 2021
FPT Software Co., Ltd.
CEO Pham Minh Tuan


FPT Software Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “FPT Software”), will comply with competition laws and regulations in all countries where we operate and maintain fair and free competition. FPT Software conducts procurement activities based on the following policies stipulated in “FPT Software’s Business Code of Conduct”.

1. Fair and transparent trading
  1. FPT Software maintains an equal and healthy relationship with its suppliers. FPT Software does not have inappropriate relationships with its suppliers, where FPT Software receives honoraria, entertainment or gifts, benefits or requests benefits beyond the scope of common sense, from its suppliers.
  2. FPT Software will provide appropriate guidance and education to prevent its officers and employees from conducting unfair transactions and having inappropriate relationships with suppliers.
  3. FPT Software will not commit bribery and corruption acts and thoroughly prevent them.
  4. FPT Software will not give or receive gifts or business entertainments, profits that exceed the socially acceptable range which are the hotbed for bribery and corruption.
  5. FPT Software shall comply with competition laws and regulations in all countries where we do business, and aim for fair and free competition.
2. Fair and impartial evaluation and selection of suppliers

The selection of suppliers is comprehensive and is conducted by fair evaluation from the viewpoints of corporate reliability, technical capabilities, quality/price, delivery date, service, risk assessment and Corporate Social Responsibility (hereinafter referred to as “CSR”).

3. Promotion of CSR-conscious procurement activities

Together with our suppliers, we will promote CSR-conscious procurement activities related to compliance with laws and regulations, corporate ethics, respect for human rights, safety and health, and global environmental conservation.

CSR-friendly procurement activities, such as corporate ethics compliance, respect for human rights, safety and health, and global environmental conservation, shall be promoted by FPT Software and its suppliers.

4. Appropriate information management

FPT Software understands the importance of confidential information and personal information acquired through procurement activities, and shall use and manage them appropriately according to the type of the information.

5. Co-existence and co-prosperity

FPT Software and its suppliers will build a relationship of trust through mutual improvement and aim for a coexistence and co-prosperity relationship in which parties can continue to cooperate with each other as good partners.

Initiatives for sustainable procurement

We promote CSR-conscious procurement activities throughout our supply chain in order to realize a sustainable society. We ask our suppliers understand our “Basic Policy on Procurement” and “CSR Procurement Guidelines” and actively work with our business partners. We also plan to hold regular briefing sessions for our suppliers to deepen their understanding of the above policies and guidelines.

In addition to complying with laws and regulations and corporate ethics, we will continue to share awareness of respect for human rights, global environmental conservation, safety and health, etc., with our suppliers and cooperate with them to fulfil our social responsibilities.

Supplier Ratings

When selecting suppliers, we conduct comprehensive and fair evaluations from the perspectives of corporate reliability, technological capabilities, quality and price, delivery dates, services, CSR initiatives, etc., and strive to build co-existence and co-prosperity relationships with suppliers for continuous cooperation.

In 2022, we have conducted a survey on the status of CSR initiatives among our suppliers and planned to assess risks in CSR, including compliance with human rights matters and environment-related regulations.

After the survey, we plan to provide feedbacks based on the scorecards to suppliers and ask suppliers with low scores to submit plans to improve CSR activities throughout the supply chain.

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