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Respect for Human Rights

Human Rights Policy

An environment that respects the Human Rights is essential for FPT Software to achieve sustainable success. Our employees will comply with the following principles, and build respectful working relationship with other employees, business partners, and other external parties.

Our company has established the following principle in the “FPT Software Code of Business Conduct” for all employees of the group, and clarifies the actions that employees should take.

  • Prohibition of discrimination: We prohibits actions causing damage to dignity of individuals such as discrimination, attack, harassment based on nationality, age, gender, religion, belief, disability and other reasons which is not related to business executions.
  • Respect for diversity: We respect the cultures, customs, histories, values, individuality and diversity of countries and regions, and act with consideration for those involved.
  • Harassment prevention: We will strive to build a system to prevent Human Rights violations, including harassment, and if that occurs, we will quickly correct and remedy it following appropriate internal and external procedures.
Fair and equitable recruitment

FPT Software does not discriminate on the basis of origin, age, gender, etc. in the recruitment process, and conducts fair and equitable recruitment based on recruitment criteria such as ability and experience. In order to ensure fairness in recruitment, we have appointed a Human Rights awareness promoting officer for fair recruitment and created an environment for recruiting diverse employees.

Spreading awareness of Human Rights

With the aim to raise awareness of Human Rights, FPT Software conducted a training course about Human Rights from October to November 2022. The training theme was “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Training” and Labor and Human Rights is one of five topic of this course. The course was for all employees and attended by 200,574 employees (98.3% of total employees).

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