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Occupational health and safety

We promote the creation of a safe, comfortable, and healthy workplace and aim to create an environment where each and every employee can work with enthusiasm.

Basic policy on procurement activities

Basic policy

Establish a safe and healthy work environment. In addition to complying with laws and regulations related to work style reform, we will promote “health management” with an emphasis on health enhancement.


Promoting zero occupational accident, prevention of employee health problems, early detection and early response, as well as creating a work environment where each and every employee can work with satisfaction.

Occupational Health and Safety Council

The Occupational Health and Safety Council plays a central role in establishing a safety and health management system supervised by the Chief Executive Officer (represents FPT Software) and the President of the Trade Union (represents the Employees). The Occupational Health and Safety Council meets once a month to share seasonal precautions, examples of problems, and information from doctors, and consider measures. The council consists of the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, President of the Trade Union, Human Resources Manager, Directors of Departments, employees in charge of occupational health and safety. The council periodically reports to the Company’s Board of Director.

Occupational Health and Safety Council organization chart

Occupational health and safety initiatives

In FPT Software’s business, which is centered on systems and software development, most of the work is done on personal computers, thus, eye strain and headaches are inevitable. For this reason, we provide large screen monitors and shields to prevent harmful light rays, such as blue light, to employees.

Through these efforts, the number of occupational accidents in the Group has been reduced.

Declaration as a healthy company

FPT Software promotes the creation of a safe, comfortable and healthy workplace. We aim to create an open workplace environment in which each and every employee can work with good health and full of energy, and they can trust each other.
For the health of our employees and their families, we will actively promote health awareness and health management, encourage communication, and work on healthy business.
We will provide annual health checkup to prevent the worsening of employees’ sickness
We will provide annual health checkup to prevent the worsening of employees’ sickness
We will provide mental health measures
We will strive to prevent overworking
FPT Software Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Pham Minh Tuan
We will provide work support
Regular health checkup

All of our employees receive regular health checkup and manage their medical examination status so that they can maintain their good health. Employees who have not taken health checkup are encouraged to do so by the Human Resources Department as appropriate. In 2021, the percentage of employees taking health checkup was 92%.

Promoting Health and Productivity Management through the Declaration as
a Healthy Company

In 2022, we focus on (1) providing annual health checkup to prevent the worsening of employees’ sickness, (2) health management and safety and health activities, (3) providing mental health care, (4) prevention of overwork, (5) measures to prevent infectious diseases, and (6) initiatives related to health management.

Share health-related information to the entire company via the intranet

We maintain a monthly health newsletter which provides our employees with basic medical information, seasonal diseases, prevention and treatment of some common illnesses, etc. The health newsletters are posted monthly on our Company’s internal network.

Measures against COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has had a major impact on society and our lives. FPT Software considers business continuity and employee health to be the top priority, and is implementing the following measures.

  1. Work arrangements
  • Providing instructions on work-from-home or work-at-the-office depending on the situation
  • Encouraging adoption of staggered hours to avoid crowded buses
  • Encouraging the use of video conferencing (business travels are allowed for essential cases only).
  1. Responsibilities of each employee
  • Wear a mask when commuting and working in the offic
  • Use antiseptic solution at the company and company housing
  • Cancel company events that are not directly related to business execution for the time being, etc.
Mental health care

Recognizing the importance of mental health care, in the next year, FPT Software will offer an employee assistance program to all of the employees. The employees will have access to a safe and confidential resource to manage their personal issues, and will receive useful advises from a professional counselor.

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