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Environment protection

FPT Software Company Limited – a subsidiary of FPT Corporation believes that global environmental issues, such as climate change and waste, are issues that must be addressed in our entire company in order to build a prosperous society in the future. Therefore, we have established FPT Software Environment policies regarding environment protection, and are promoting measures that involve the entire company. In addition to energy-saving and resource-saving activities within the company, through the provision of information and communication service businesses, we believe that we can contribute to reduction of environmental burden by limiting the movement of people and goods, improving operational efficiency through remote control, and reducing paper resources through the use of electronic media.

FPT Software Environment policy

FPT Software recognizes that we have responsibility to the environment protection and respond to changing environmental conditions in balance with business needs. The Environmental Management System of FPT Software applies the provision of services and products including:
– Digital consulting
– Next-gen Technologies
– Rebadging


FPT Software ensures to build environmental management system to:

  1. Comply with legal requirements and other requirements that the company chooses to comply with, prevent pollution and reduce environmental burden.
  2. Promote the business activities in consideration with environmental impacts.
  3. Constantly improve the environmental management system.

FPT Software shall:

  1. Not violate legal requirements and environmental protection commitments with related parties.
  2. Save energy power in operations/services/products to reduce CO2 emissions.
  3. Ensurethat waste management is performed in accordance with all waste legislative requirements.
  4. Facilitate repair, reuse and recycling over the disposal of wastes, where it is cost effective.
  5. Promote sustainable consumption, saving resource (water, paper), using environmentally friendly materials.
  6. Favor the use of suppliers who are committed to environmental good practice.
  7. Make every effort to minimize travel by maximizing IT systems.
  8. Educate staff on relevant environmental issues.
  9. Implement, maintain and continuously improve the company’s environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 and other applicable environmental standards.

Environment protection

At FPT Software, the Ecovadis Program Management Board plays a central role in developing company-wide environment protection activities, including energy saving and resource saving. These activities are periodically reported and get approval by CFO. It is a system that reports and approves the status of compliance with laws and regulations, monitoring of the current situation, confirmation of the results and effectiveness of each measure, and future goals and responses.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

FPT Software collects the latest information on environmental laws and regulations in a timely manner, disseminates them throughout the company, and revises internal rules as necessary. In addition, we regularly check the status of compliance with laws and regulations, and there were no violations of environmental laws and regulations in 2022.

Education and raising awareness of environment

In the recent years, the society attitudes toward the global environment has changed rapidly, for example, the Vietnam government will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in consideration of climate change. Therefore, it is essential that each and every employee is aware of this situation and acts accordingly in order for FPT Software to contribute to environment protection. We conduct educational activities for our employees through training and in-house posters aimed at improving environmental awareness.

Response to climate change

Our group aims to contribute to reduce the effects of climate change through our business activities, in addition to internal efforts such as promotion of power saving and efficient use of energy.

Energy saving in offices

FPT Software develops information and communication service businesses and most of the energy used by our Group is used in offices. Thus, reducing this is an important issue. We appropriately monitor power consumption and promote effective measures to reduce it. In 2021, FPT Software’s electricity consumption was 16,623,219 kWh.

  1. Main energy-saving measures
  • Upgrade to communication equipment that uses less power
  • Introduce an automatic air conditioning system
  • Reduce business travel by encouraging the use of video conferencing
  • Save energy.
Efforts to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) throughout the supply chain

FPT Software is working to grasp and reduce GHG emissions throughout the supply chain in order to reduce the impact of climate change. In the future, we aim to expand the scope of aggregation and further reduce GHG emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions - Scope 1, 2, 3 (2021)

Efforts toward a recycling-based society

FPT Software is working to effectively and efficiently use the earth’s limited resources and contribute to the creation of a recycling-based society.

Efforts to reduce waste

For the purpose of reducing waste, the FPT Software promotes initiatives aimed at reducing the use of paper through the use of electronic media and controlling the use of plastic waste, including recycling and proper sorting of waste. The total amount of waste generated by FPT Software in 2021 was 57.68 tons.


Environmentally friendly products and services

FPT Software is focused on creating and providing high value-added solutions that contribute to the SDGs and solving social issues.
Demand forecasting solution that contributes to food waste reduction

We are developing a solution that uses AI to forecast demand for each region and store from big data such as weather, commuter fluctuations, demographics, and sales performance data. By utilizing AI and big data, it will be possible to make purchase and production plans based on more accurate demand forecasts. This will contribute to solving the problem of increased waste due to overproduction and food waste due to excessive purchases.

In addition, this demand forecasting solution is characterized by the ability to build an AI model and make highly accurate forecasts without specialized knowledge of data science, and is expected to be introduced in many companies.

Digital logistics services that contribute to business development and CO₂ emissions reduction

Due to the remarkable growth of e-commerce, the logistics industry is experiencing an increase in logistics volume and complexity. Consumers are demanding faster value-added deliveries, and society is demanding a reduction in CO₂ emissions. In order to meet both expectations, we are providing digital logistics services that emphasize efficiency and labor saving by leveraging our experience of more than 10 years in cooperating with top global logistics companies and developing and providing various solutions. We have reformed operations, such as optimizing delivery routes, building advanced warehouse management systems, and building mailing systems. We are contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions while achieving both quality and speed of delivery.

Character recognition platform akaBot Vision reduces costs and environmental impact

Our group has developed an optical character recognition (OCR) platform, akaBot Vision, that supports the digitization of various documents. With AI technology, when you use akaBot Vision more frequently, the OCR function will improve and you can create highly accurate documents. akaBot Vision supports the digitization of various data entry processes, such as extracting contents from images, sorting text data, converting digital formats, etc. As a result, data entry costs in companies can be reduced by 60 to 80%. In addition, streamlining data entry and realizing cost reductions lead to reductions in the amount of paper and ink used, as well as the amount of paper waste, which is effective in reducing environmental impact.

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