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A great place to work

We believe that an environment that respects the human rights and diversity of our employees, who are the driving force behind FPT Software, is essential for FPT Software to respond to the diversifying needs of society and customers and achieve sustainable success. We are striving to create a great place to work where each individual can make the most of their individuality and maximize their abilities.

Diversity policy

FPT Software has established the following principle in the “Human Rights Policy” for all employees of the group, and clarifies the actions that employees should take.

  • We aim to create an inclusive workplace and leverage the power of diversity for sustainable competitive advantage, where employees from different backgrounds can have the opportunity to participate, develop and contribute freely and equitably.
Promoting the advancement of women

FPT Software promotes diversity activities with the aim of creating a work environment where all employees can work comfortably and play an active role, regardless of gender. We are implementing initiatives that enable women to work enthusiastically, such as actively hiring female employees and developing programs for career advancement after joining the company. As of the end of December 2021, the ratio of female employees in FPT Software is 32%. The percentage of female managers (department managers and above) was 31% and is steadily increasing. However, since we were unable to reach the target, we will continue to promote the initiatives.

Statistics on employee (as of the end of December 2021)

Promoting employment of foreign employees

6.6% of FPT Software global employees are foreigners. We plan to increase the number of foreign employees in the coming years. In Vietnam, for foreign employees to easily integrate into life and work. We organize activities such as: sending a buddy to accompany with foreign employees, learning about Vietnam’s traditional Tet , organizing the cake making activity for the Mid-Autumn Festival, conducting a survey with foreign employees about their experience at FPT Software, from which we will improve related activities to increase the employee experience as well as adjust the regulations, work processes and work and personnel management in the Company.

Spreading Awareness of Diversity

Being aware that it is important to understand customs and cultural differences and foster an awareness of mutual recognition in a diverse environment, we conduct training courses aimed at learning about diversity and different cultures and creating a workplace where diverse employees can play an active role.

Promoting employment of senior citizens

We have established a re-employment program so that employees with advanced technical skills and experience can continue to utilize their abilities even after retirement. It is applicable if the employees meet certain requirements. Employees can work up to the age of 65.

Initiatives for employment of people with disabilities

FPT Software promotes the employment of people with disabilities by creating an environment in which all employees can work comfortably, regardless of whether they have a disability.

Work-life balance

FPT Software believes that enriching the lives of employees leads to improved work productivity. We have established programs and various initiatives that allow employees to choose flexible working styles in order to achieve both further development of our business and fulfilling individual lives.

Work style reform

Reduction of overtime work

FPT Software is working to not increase overtime work in order to ensure the work-life balance and health of our employees and improve business productivity. We ensure compliance with the Labor Law on overtime limit. Even if overtime work is unavoidable, we have strengthened the prior application and supervisor approval system to raise awareness of improving work efficiency and control overtime work.

Encouraging employees to take paid leave

In principle, employees are required to take at least one day of annual paid leave every month. In addition, we are working to encourage employees to take paid leave by setting days when the company encourages employees to take paid leave. The paid leave taking rate in FPT Software in 2021 was 41.1%. We aim to increase employee leave rates by 5% next year.

Work-from-home system

FPT Software has been promoting the work-from-home system since August 2020 as a measure to promote flexible work styles for employees and prevent the spread of Covid-19 among employees. Utilizing the work-from-home system has further promoted digitization at our company, and as a result of the formation of new forms of communication, it has greatly contributed to the productivity of our work.

Work-life balance support program

FPT Software has established a parental leave program so that employees can achieve work-life balance and fully demonstrate their abilities in life events related to both men and women, including childbirth, childcare, and nursing care. Thanks to the effect of activities such as awareness campaigns to encourage employees to take parental leave, the number of employees who have taken leave is increasing in comparison to the previous year

Welfare program and allowance program
(family support allowance, homecoming allowance, etc.)

FPT Software has enhanced welfare programs for employees (Roaming work) and their families so that employees can work comfortably.


Talent development

FPT Software, which operates globally, supports ability development efforts and career advancement by implementing training programs for each job type and position so that employees can demonstrate their abilities and work with satisfaction.

Training to support career advancement

Since 2016, we have been conducting career path training for staffs so that they can acquire the skills required for each position. In addition to business skills, technical skills, and management skills, we also incorporate soft skill training courses using English for the purpose of developing talents who can play active roles globally. We also have training programs for employees who want to take their skills to the next level.

Career path training by position

FPT Software has training activities according to JD of positions: Developer, tester, PM, BA, SA, QA etc. and depending on the subject and the time, the training program is mandatory or flexible for each individual.

For example, Career path training for PM representatives

Besides traditional forms of learning, Fsoft deploys Upskilling model to perform flexibly and effectively with a large number of students converting and supplementing skill sets (re-upskilling) to improve capacity for existing employees. This is a model that combines online learning materials and mentor support with two main branches: Role based re-upskilling with World class mentor (Udacity nano degree) and Role based re-upskilling with Internal Mentor from Business Unit, FSO community

Mentor - mentee framework to support the personal development of employees

Diversifying activities from expertise to skills, and expanding relationships, creating frameworks is a channel for Fsofters to proactively approach good mentors in many different fields (Technical, English Practice, Demo Interview), and Plan a long-term learning path with a mentor or just a short consultation session to help solve problems at work.

Investing in employee education

FPT Software actively invests in education to support the career advancement of our employees. In 2021, we prepared a total of 994 training courses and invested 1,7 million US Dollars in employee education. Total 1 million learning hours with 213,352 turn of participants. We will continue to actively invest in employee education with the aim of raising the level of our employees.

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