• Advanced WMS
• Warehouse Optimization
• Warehouse Operation Analytics
• RFID and Beacon Inventory Control
• Inventory Auto-inspection /Auto-checking


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Advanced WMS

Provide a flexible warehouse management solution for global companies which can be applied for multi types of warehouses.

Basic features:

  • Receipts
  • Inventory management
  • Pick-Pack-Ship
  • Put away & Removal
  • Dashboard and forecast


  • IoT: Real-time monitoring of special storage conditions.
  • Mobility and Robotic
  • Machine learning to detect the damaged goods in the Receipt process.
  • Business Intelligence to provide customized dashboard, reports, and data analytics service



RFID and Beacon for Inventory Management



Digitally manage and track all stock movements in the warehouse. Synchronize in real time with the warehouse management system and other ERP for more efficient warehouse management


  • Stock level always updated in real-time.
  • Increased precision for picking & packing.

Technology: RFID and Beacon



Inventory Auto-inspection



Using AI (cognitive visual recognition) to support checking products before receipt into the warehouse. The system can also be used to inspect out coming products on the production line.

  • The system can identify objects that are in abnormal conditions (e.g. dented, torn, crushed) automatically and promptly during the round check process.
  • FPT develops the AI algorithms, executes the training process, and implements the application that supports the goods inspection procedure.


  • Reduce 30-40% process time and around 70% of human resources used for goods inspection.


  • Cloud computing – Machine learning – IoT



Inventory Auto-checking



Semi-automate the way of checking and loading parcels onto trucks and manage tasks. The system helps:

  • Replace fork-lift parcel loading by Conveyor belt
  • Auto check and count parcels using Computer vision
  • Manage and communicate better through Yard management system, including 9 modules
    • Shipment, Pickup Schedule, Truck, Driver, User Management
    • File Upload: upload relevant files, eg. Shipping info & Truck plan.
    • Report: Daily/monthly reports.
    • Dashboard: Real-time update of shipment status, and pickup schedule.
    • Notification: Manage notification sent to haulier drivers and accountants.


  • Reduce at least 50% process time per dispatch truck.
  • Cut down the fork-lifting stage, save driver salary and fork-lift rental cost.


  • Computer vision, Cloud (AWS), Mobility, Analytics