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Integrators are taking bigger chunks of market share away from traditional logistics organizations by offering more streamlined end-to-end services. Suppliers themselves are digitalizing their offerings and operations. Take lead or be left behind.

ClarusWMS provides robust, Warehouse Management System (WMS) functionality without over complicating the solution for users.

Smart Pickup and Delivery

• Smart Locker
• Mobile Supporting Delivery
• Customized Pickup Scheduling
• Blockchain End-to-End Logistics
• New Online shipping platform

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Apply Digital Logistic Solutions for your company

BPO-Solution-For-Factory: Process-Innovation-With-IoT

Transportation and Carrier Management

• Carrier Integration
• Real-time Fleet Management
• Tracking Services
• IoT for Transportation conditions

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Digital Warehousing

• Advanced WMS
• Warehouse Optimization
• Warehouse Operation Analytics
• RFID and Beacon Inventory Control
• Inventory Auto-inspection /Auto-checking

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Information and Operational Support

• Business Intelligence Dashboard
• Chatbot
• Omni-channel

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Packaging and Labeling

• Mailing System
• Packaging/Labeling Robotic
• Automation and Embedded System

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Smart Seaport

• AI Container Auto-verification
• AI Quay crane Auto-tracking for lighter
• Port Operation Reporting & Analytics
• Container Switch Optimization

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