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Virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies are gaining momentum that their expansion goes far beyond the entertainment sector. VR/AR/MR are offering an immersive environment and diverse opportunities, from customer experience to the optimization of complex work processes.

We understand that these reality technologies are approaching market readiness beyond early adopters, discover how we can help accelerate your business operations and boost productivity


AR|VR|MR service offerings

A glossary to the acronyms of the future


FPT’s solution from Ideas to PoC

Why FPT?



By implementing onsite – offshore working model and resource sharing to optimize the market’s high quality resource, we commit to embrace Vietnam’s cost competitiveness and refine your cash flow.



A talent pool of 50+ high skilled and experienced engineers, with deep expertise in immersive technologies and in multiple business fields.



Unleash FPT’s global expertise to move your business forward. For the last 20 years, we have cultivated our own knowledge-based technologies & industry know-how to ensure customer satisfaction in diversify domains including Banking & Finance, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Aviation.

FPT’s Success Stories

AR Information System on Cloud Platform

FPT has successfully implemented ARIS on cloud platform for a Japanese customer, enabling automatic AR creation and emergency response system.By detecting multiple objects at the same time from a further distance and overlaying based on the detected objects, our customer’s performance is time saving and cost effective.

VR application for Heavy Industrial

We have proudly developed a VR training application for an US Research Corporation specialized in manufacture and semiconductor processing equipment. While the customer has saved cost and efforts to move heavy and cumbersome machines, this application has enabled interactive training for complex machines and optimized user’s experience.

MR Tool for Marketing and Training

Developed by our immersive experts, MR Hololens tool has enhanced our customer’s engineers practice session by offering a virtual environment mixed with the real environment experience. Objects are shown in 3D and users are able to fully interact with objects. Accordingly, customer was able to skimp on costs and extend the application to marketing purposes by displaying complex machines at exhibition without physically moving them.