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Legacy Migration

Legacy Modernization

Outdated system leads to low performance. We understand the concerns when businesses must ramp up the effort to slash cost, improve performance, flexibility and productivity.

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FPT’s Legacy Migration Offerings

Lotus Notes Migration

With over 400 engineers in Notes Migration, FPT Software has established notably experienced Lotus Notes Application Migration capabilities in the world.

Cloud Migration

Through numerous projects, we understand our clients’ concerns when moving to cloud. Our cloud migration services, along with the strong collaboration with technology disruptor will radically transform your business.

COBOL Migration

With nearly 10 years of experience, we have been assisting clients in migrating from the troublesome COBOL to different programming languages to improve efficiency and flexibility.

FPT’s Technology Partners in the Cloud Ecosystem

Through partnership with major players in the Cloud Ecosystem, FPT helps clients to keep their focus on core business while staying ahead of the technology curve and broaden their market, reduce IT-operation cost, improve performance and enhance security on Cloud

Citus™ – The quintessence of migration


Citus™ Suite is a comprehensive toolset designed to assist clients in quickly & eciently migrating data from Lotus Notesdatabases to other platforms including SharePoint Online, Oce365, SQL, Microsoft Word, Salesforce, SAP. In addition, Citus Suite also support migrates from old SharePoint version to later SharePoint version.

Our customers’ success stories

Lotus Notes Migration

Our client – a leading corporation in oil and gas in South East Asia was in need of migrating 10,000 existing applications from Lotus Notes platform to Microsoft collaboration platform. Despite the challenge, the project was triumphantly delivered, lead to a significant slash price in our client’s business.

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Cloud Migration in distribution sector

A leading Japanese company in used car, was struggling with inefficiency of on-premise infrastructure, due to its fast growing business. By using FPT’s cloud migration solution, the company system functions well with zero downtime, the performance was improved, along with a dramatic fall in cost for infrastructure.

Notes Migration in Financial sector

A world class bank aims to migrate their Lotus Notes application and build up an end-to-end application, using Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services and open source. Despite the huge number of user, the team has successfully delivered the project.

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