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FPT empowers blockchain technology to help you enable business opportunity while saving cost and reducing risk.


What FPT Software offers

What FPT Software offers


Akachain – Permissioned Enterprise Blockchain platform

Ready-made Blockchain platform that can cater to different industries: Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Government


Blockchain Implementation Services

Full services to Blockchain realization and Akachain Deployment & customization: from developing business case to operation

AkaChain - A Federation Permissioned Business Blockchain

Ready-made Framework for fast idea realization
Proven framework that caters to different business needs and reduces product time-to-market
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Versalitity that caters to different needs
Support 4 main types of blockchain applications: asset marketplace, decentralized payment ecosystem, efficiency play and record keeper.
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Global 24/7 support
Intensive taskforce in local countries with Product R&D and maintenance/upgrade
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Competitive Price
Attractive pricing models with abundant value-added incentives
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AkaChain Ecosystem

Utop Point & Rewards Network
  • Loyalty Network Marketplace for Customers to manage and convert their accumulated points among different merchants
Waka Smart Wallet
  • Cryptocurrencies for Secure financial transactions
AkaTrace Know-Your-Client
  • Facilitating businesses to gain fast and secure access to clean and up-to-date customer data
Insurance Claims with Blockchain
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of the data exchange between hospitals and insurers
Smart Contracts
  • Enhance the accuracy, transparency and speed of digital contracts
Asset Traceability
  • Track and trace assets information regarding assets, including vehicles and FMCG products

Case studies

Store Health records on blockchain

Our blockchain-based system helps to manage healthcare payments more reliably, make medical history accurate and available for prompt treatment while support fraud detection.

Signed-off mortgage contracts stored on blockchain

Storing loan contracts in a blockchain-based document management system that protects lenders, loan insurers and borrowers from losing their contracts, provides them with more reliable and consistent information source for any secondary marketing or legal activities.

Securities clearing and settlement

FPT’s blockchain-powered securities trading platform helps to eliminate intermediate steps, reduce manual mutual reconciliation, cost and counterparty risk in post-trading thanks to shared data and transparency of ownership.