Whether you’re embarking on a complex system transformation, or simply contemplating the potential impact of a new technologies/ new products/ new services on end-users, determining the feasibility of your idea with a proof-of-concept (PoC) is the perfect way to get started.

Engaging the latest technologies such as  AI, IoT, Big Data, AR/ VR, etc., FPT’s experts will work with your team to try a new product concept which informs your decision-making process before investing in a full-scale project, lowering risk and maximizing results.

Below is our International Standard Renovation Lab’s working model that assists to provide PoC within 2 – 3 weeks:


Your benefits when co-creating with us?

  • Quick-win implementation with lightweight Lean Start-Up Process
  • Ensured quality PoC with scalable and highly-skilled IT resources
  • Minimizing cost with offshore working model
  • Opportunities to get PoCs sponsored by Global technology partners (AWS, GE, Microsoft etc.)