Pros and Cons of Self-Driving Vehicles

Experts claim that autonomous driving software development has a great future. But, while there are numerous advantages of self-driving vehicles, there are also some disadvantages. The recent fatal accident that involved an autonomous car operated by Uber has undermined people’s confidence in the implementation of this technology. That is why we’ve made a comprehensive list of pros and cons of self-driving cars.


Economic Benefit

The implementation of self-driving cars within the transport system is expected to bring substantial economic benefits to society. In 2010, car accidents cost the USA $871 billion. If autonomous driving software development leads to at least 5% decrease in road accidents, it will save billions of dollars per year.

Autonomous Cars Will Save Lives

More than 40,000 deaths happen on European Union roads each year. More than 90% of them are caused by people. Human errors are often caused by speeding, driving under the influence, inattentiveness, and many more.

The implementation of autonomous vehicles will remove manual driving controls from people. This will eliminate all accidents caused by the humans, making roads a safer place.

Accessibility for Those Who Cannot Drive

There are many people who can’t  move due to their age or disability. But when cars become fully automated, people with disabilities will be able to drive and therefore live a more convenient and fulfilling lives.

Moreover, you’ll no longer need to get a driving license and pass loads of tests.

Better Traffic Infrastructure

The Internet of Vehicle allows autonomous cars to connect and communicate with other cars. The internet of vehicle software development aims to optimize road traffic. Traffic jams will become a thing of the past.

Global implementation of driverless cars will also allow increasing speed limits. Without a human factor, a highly coordinated system of autonomous cars will eradicate any possibility of vehicles crashing.

Environmental Benefits

The introduction of self-driving vehicles also bears essential environmental benefits. Autonomous cars are programmed to work in a fuel-efficient manner. Drivers often misuse gas and brakes, which leads to burning an excessive amount of fuel. Autonomous driving software development can eliminate this problem. Plus, it also programs cars to take the most efficient routes.

What’s more, self-driving systems development is usually focused on electric vehicles rather than hybrid or gasoline cars. Using electric cars will decrease the emissions that are released to the atmosphere.

Some People Merely Don’t Like Driving

Driving is an amazing experience. Yet, it might be tiresome. Daily rides to and from work are often exhausting, not to mention long trips to other cities. Self-driving systems development can make driving easier

It will allow people to spend their time on the road more productively. You will be able to catch up on some work, chat with a friend, or even have a nice nap since you no longer need to pay attention to the road.

Today, the goal of any automotive software development company is to make people’s lives easier.


Hacking Threat

Just like any computer system, self-driving cars are programmed to run a certain way. It makes them vulnerable to hacker attacks or crashing as a result of an error or glitch. If a hacker is able to get access to the vehicle’s software, then they might change the code and reprogram the car.

That’s why securing their product is a top priority for any automotive software development company. Yet, it is almost impossible to create an infallible system.

Moral Dilemma

In some cases, there are no good or right choices. For example, it may happen that a stranger suddenly runs into the road, and a driver doesn’t have time to hit the brakes. A person might rapidly swerve the car and hit a wall if they were traveling at high speed.

An autonomous car is programmed to prioritize the driver’s life and it’ll choose to hit the person on the road. It raises a moral issue concerning the value of people’s life. Why should the value of one life be put above the value of another?

Moral code is human prerogative and is yet not applicable to self-driving systems development.

Loss of Jobs

Many people operate vehicles for living. Taxi drivers, people from fast food delivery services, and truck drivers will all be affected by Autonomous driving software development. The implementation of self-driving vehicles will lead to them losing their jobs and therefore will increase an unemployment rate.

This issue will surely generate conflicts with governments and protests of civil society.

Integration Takes a Lot of Time

Though it is projected that self-driving systems development will improve the economy, public life, and environment, nothing can happen in a day. The process of full integration is a long, wearisome journey.

While non-automated vehicles are still on the road and the internet of vehicle software development is not finished and optimized, accidents are bound to happen from time to time. Moreover, people tend to overreact whenever an AI-involved fatality occurs. Though there are numerous non-automated vehicles accidents happening every hour.

Some People Like to Drive

In case of total rejection of non-automated vehicles, there will still be people who won’t like that state of affairs. I meant car enthusiasts who love driving for the sake of driving.

I assume that driving may even turn into a sport or hobby.

Final Thoughts

As you see, there are both advantages and disadvantages of autonomous cars. No one can say for sure which category prevails, but we are sure that technological progress is unstoppable. Progress is the very purpose of human existence after all. But as mindful civilians, we should consider both sides in order to maximize the pros and minimize the cons.

Our automotive software development company is not only aiming to make drivers’ life more comfortable but also to make this world a better and safer place for everyone.