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Patient-Centricity: Healthcare Ecosystem Redefining Integrated Care

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To meet the demand for access to care, and to be competitive, 40% of care providers across the globe shared that they plan to increase their annual IT spend for 2022. Moreover, consumer satisfaction is the top business priority for almost half (49.8%) of them. *

The pandemic has redefined the care system, making it patient-centric. Such a system’s success requires an integrated approach that delivers convenience and impact across the patient journey. To achieve it, healthcare organizations should participate in an emerging ecosystem of “patient-first” care that enables superlative customer experience and ignites business growth.

In this IDC Paper, analysts provide expert insights and valuable guidance to make the vision of a people-centric healthcare system reality. Check out the Paper and get yourself informed on:

Key massive shifts in delivering care.

New approaches for a more accessible, affordable, and scalable care system.

Extensive examples of innovators who have truly adopted an integrated patient-led model.


*Source: IDC’s Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey 2022

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