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Offshore Technology Development

Intending to resolve operational issues, many firms are ready to resort to third-party agencies that provide offshore software development and IT outsourcing services. What are the advantages of these services, and why they are especially relevant today? Read on to find out!

Offshore Software Development

Over the past several years, businesses became increasingly interested in the possibilities of transferring technological infrastructure and complex near-technical tasks to external contractors. 2020 has generated many obstacles for the IT industry and pushed organizations around the world to adapt their plans to the new reality and rethink their strategies. IT companies were faced with the challenge of remote collaboration, struggling with digitization and automation of their activities.

Offshore technology development opens the door to a global pool of technical talents and diverse industry expertise. Until now, the most pressing problem has been a critical lack of technical specialists. Today, cost optimization is the biggest priority. The gap between talents around the globe is almost invisible, which makes offshore software development as appealing as never.

So, what advantages can you get by ordering offshore software development?

  • Significant reduction in operating costs for IT services. Professional IT infrastructure services from offshore are cheaper due to simultaneous execution of many typical tasks (usually for several customers at once);
  • Clear control over the costs of operating IT services, because works are performed according to the contract (SLA agreements) and have a strictly agreed budget; SLA parameters can be changed depending on the wishes of the customer;
  • An increase in the level of quality and efficiency of IT services ( given that you chose a provider with substantial work experience in offshore It solutions); opportunities to involve the employees of the company who are familiar with the specifics of its work “from the inside”;
  • Maximum focusing on the core business tasks, because the performance of auxiliary tasks does not need additional control (the degree of interaction between the customer and the contractor should be described in the contract).

IT Outsourcing Services

Like any outsourcing, IT outsourcing services involve solving problems that are not included in the main range of activities of a particular company, by a third-party contractor. In this case, the customer company can receive the most complete and high-quality set of services in the field of informatization without the need to maintain its own IT department.

The Main Forms of IT Outsourcing

Even though offshore technology development can take a variety of forms, there are three main ones:

  1. Resource outsourcing: the clients use and manage external IT resources bearing all the risks that are associated with the result of their activities.
  2. Functional outsourcing: customer company transfers functions under the control of the outsourcer. The responsibility of the service provider, as well as the criteria for the work, in this case, are stipulated in the agreement. These criteria may include the speed of reaction to various incidents, the frequency of prevention, recovery time after failures, etc.
  3. Strategic outsourcing. In this case, a complete transfer of the entire IT infrastructure of the enterprise to complex IT outsourcing is carried out.

Note: when you need short-term assistance or reduce the cost of business processes related to information technology, offshore technology development will be the only right solution for your company. However, remember that you shouldn’t just choose the cheapest-rate agencies (as British Airways executives did) because, in the face of increased demand for IT services, more and more incompetent offers are emerging.

Today, IT outsourcing services allow the customer to receive quality support in the field of informatization, reducing their administrative costs. Ensuring the stable operation of the IT system, it’s scaling, protection against failures and the solution of force majeure tasks lie on the shoulders of the contractor, freeing the customer from the need to maintain his own IT department.  At the same time, the terms and conditions of offshore technology development services must be clearly agreed and further regulated by the subscription service agreement concluded between the parties.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

As we have already figured out, IT outsourcing is, first of all, saving financial resources without reducing the quality of IT services. A subscription service agreement concluded with an IT company will be much cheaper than maintaining a staff of its own IT specialists. At the same time, the customer will have a team of professionals ready to solve any problem without the need to provide these same employees with a workspace, pay social benefits, etc.

The second undeniable advantage is experience. One of the main principles of modern offshore technology development companies is to attract only professional engineers with years of experience in the field and accumulate many ready-made solutions for a number of standard tasks that can be re-implemented. It allows companies to significantly reduce intellectual and financial costs by optimizing the functioning of the customer’s IT infrastructure.

The third advantage of IT outsourcing services is its efficiency. IT engineers are faced with a wide variety of IT challenges every day. Setting up a variety of network equipment, hardware/software complexes are carried out quickly and efficiently. While a full-time system administrator is faced only with those tasks that arise in an enterprise, and each new task requires a search for a different solution.

The Principle of Providing IT Outsourcing Services 

To help you choose a quality service provider, we will tell you how a professional offshore IT company should operate. The first stage of setting up an IT infrastructure for maintenance is an audit. The performance, stability, safety of all customer’s hardware and software systems are checked, as well as the construction of the network diagram as a whole. Based on this audit, a separate cooperation scheme is developed for each customer, taking into account the scope of the company, staffing, office schedules, hardware/software levels.

At the second stage, the hardware and software systems are configured in accordance with security, fault tolerance, and customer requirements. Software updates, replacement or modernization of hardware systems (computers, servers, network equipment) are performed, the wishes of the company’s employees to optimize their workflow are fulfilled. Additionally, the analysis and optimization of information security systems and the introduction of interactive remote assistance systems are carried out.

As a result, the customer receives a well-functioning, optimized IT infrastructure, ready to function with efficiency. And finally, you should receive constant outsourced IT support services from providers, who should solve any problem within the framework of this system in the shortest possible time.

Final Word

High technologies contribute to the development of modern business. However, it is not always possible to hire a full-time specialist who could cope with all the necessary tasks. Furthermore, this is not always necessary. FPT Software offers quality solutions to boost your business operation. Contact us to enhance your business today!