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FPT uses Facebook at Work

FPT has recently put Facebook at Work into use (Enterprise Social Networking) to enhance work-related communication, improve productivity and create a friendly working environment among employees. According to FPT Chairman – Mr. Truong Gia Binh, as the growing need of interaction in FPT and the obsolesce of emails at work over the years, a modern form of communication is required for better and efficient collaboration, leading FPT to the decision of using Facebook at Work. Only after 1 month, the new platform has attracted nearly 10,000 employees and managers with 4,000 active users and 500 new account registrations every day.

Facebook at Work is an Enterprise social network with similar look and feel to the original Facebook, and can only be accessed by staffs within the enterprise. From May this year, Facebook at Work has outweighed emails in internal communication at FPT. The newest updates on company’s policies and internal events can be notified to the whole corporation or specific groups without long lists of emails. Employees can give quick responses, giving managers a better insight on everyone’s opinions and making any adjustments accordingly. To ensure the Code of Conduct would be strictly followed, FPT also has established detail regulations for posting information from personal to work-related.

FPT Software was the first company in FPT Group has brought the Enterprise social network into trial in April this year. After the pilot stage, given the positive results, handy features and low cost advantage, Facebook at Work has been rolled out to all 25,000 staffs corporate-wide.

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