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FPT Software, AIA Group look to extend collaboration in digital transformation

A delegation of 45 senior executives from insurance giant AIA Group paid a visit to FPT Software campus last Friday, just 4 months since the duo became strategic partners in March.

The meeting opened up opportunities for both sides to extend collaboration in artificial intelligence, block chain, and other advanced areas such as smart watch, digital healthcare, as well as FPT’s IoT platform akaminds.

On his March site visit, CEO AIA Vietnam Wayne Besant applauded FPT Software for its young and dedicated engineers who push boundaries to play their part in changing the face of the insurance sector.

“FPT Software is a leader in IT services and AIA is very honored to partner with the company to provide better insurance services. I do think this is the perfect time to discuss new collaboration opportunities”, he said.

Over the past three years, FPT Software has grown to be a trusted technology partner and one of the key accounts of the billion-dollar insurance company. The two has worked closely on digital transformation projects across Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, and Hongkong.

From a small team FPT Software now dedicates an official unit to support AIA in a wide range of services including AI, Blockchain, Data management, etc.

The scale of support is expected to grow more and more in the coming years. Looking forward, the company aims to become a strategic partner with AIA in the Asia-Pacific region. The two parties look to expand collaboration efforts to 18 countries and territories by 2021.

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