FPT VR MRI Cloud Points


FPT VR MRI Cloud points is an application which will improve the doctor’s experiences and provide the function to help them learn and practice in virtual environment. A set of MRI Scans will be gathered to form a 3D object resembling the source object. User will use their virtual tools to take a cut through the object to get a MRI slide.

Main functions:

  • Fully immersive into the virtual environment
  • Doctor interact with the Head model
  • Using tool to slice the head model to get the MRI image
  • Handle MRI image with
  • Zoom in – out
  • Drag & Drop

Usage Scenarios

This is developed to apply in healthcare industry and it can also be used for education purpose.

Solution & Technologies

  • Unity
  • 3ds Max
  • Oculus VR


  • Improve customer/user experience by creating a full immersive virtual environment.
  • Use Cloud points technology to form 3D object from 2D images. Create a better visualization from traditional MRI scans, saving time for doctors to diagnose diseases.