FPT Tour is a digital mobile application which will improve the guest experiences and provide to them information about the FPT Software campus in Viet Nam. Moreover, with FPT Tour, Guest can easily interact with 3D building model.

Main functions are:

Scan the campus markers over a paper map
See a 3D model that overlay and pin in the marker
Detailed information when maker has been detected.
Future functions are:

Support multi languages
System to manage 3D models and markers
Interact with 3D models by touch in the POIs in 3D model
Support other type of generated content (360 contents, video,etc.)
Usage Scenarios
This application is currently applied for FPT. It can also be applied in various applications in differrent areas such as: museum, buildings, central mall, etc and other industries such as lively landscapes for tourists, visual and interactive 3D objects in education games and company branding marketing & advertising.

Solution & Technologies
Objective C
3ds Max
Improve customer/user experience by 3D models and markers