FPT Customer 360 solution gives high level executives a 360 view about their companies from both internal data sources and external data sources and help them evaluate risk levels (high, medium, low) from collected news.

This demo show a monitoring system of information about world famous companies in the aviation industry with the following features:

  • Automatically crawl news articles regarding 12 world famous companies from 9 world popular English online News.
  • Automatically classify news articles into 13 categories based on semantics of the 12 companies.
  • Visualize results of Collector and Classifier.

Usage Scenarios

This solution is applied for big companies in the aviation industry and can be also applied to other ones such as Oil & Gas, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. It will be specifically helpful for companies who care about their brand, and especially beneficial to companies where a minor event might cause a big effect to their brand. Other use cases:

  • Online news categorization based on semantic
  • Risk management support for investor
  • Competitor investigation & monitoring

Solution & Technologies

  • Machine Learning: NLP, Supervised Learning, Data Sampling, Voting, Word Vector, Ontology
  • Big Data: Amazon EMR
  • BI: Tableau
  • Development: Java, R, MySQL


  • Effective method to classify online news article.
  • Scalable system in Big Data Environment at a reasonable efforts and costs.
1. Go to this address in the browser:
2. Click on Report Management on the menu bar to view report
  • In the search form, check all the airlines you want to watch and select the types of news on the right
  • Click search button, results will be listed beneath. Results can be viewed by date time, company and category.
3. Click on Risk Dashboard
  • Check all airlines that you want to show risks
  • Related risks are shown beneath and you can filter by date time range