AWS Self Service Portal


This product is one of key Cloud Computing projects of FPT Software that provides managed services for the entire systems and many other services being used on Cloud environment. This product was developed with the purpose of helping business, development teams to deploy and manage applications in the Cloud environment a flexible, fast, convenient and much more intuitive method than having to visit the AWS Management Console provided by AWS and required to possess certain knowledge in the services of this provider.

Usage Scenarios

This solution can be applied for customers who want to build their own cloud self service portal with most frequent access services.

Solution & Technologies

  • Client Side: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, AngularJS.
  • Amazon Web Services.
  • Server Side: Spring MVC, Java, JSON RPC API, RESTful API, Python Boto, Fabric, SaltStack, MySQL.


  • This solution helps customers to build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud environment a flexible, fast, convenient.
  • Provide a single self service portal as an orchestration channel for end users
  • Powerful, highly competitive product with a continual upgrade of product to support Windows Azure
1. Login Page : 
  • For Admin demonstration: admin/[email protected]
  • For Technical_User demonstration: technical_user/[email protected]
  • For Business_User demonstration: business_user/[email protected]
2. Business_User Demonstration For business_user there are some features we support in this demo: Real-time dashboard The user can see the number of deployed service, total number of stack, total budget and total billing. There are also two charts for percentage services used and billing chart. Services Catalog This is for a quick launch of the stacks predefined. My Deployed Services User can manage the stack deployed with different actions : start, stop, decommission the deployed stack Self-Service-Portal keep the Reports and Workloads ability for users to check the billing, assets and all workloads owned. 3. Technical_User Demonstration Keep all features from business_user demonstration and addition others features such as: Stack Management In this feature, user can manage predefined stack by editing, deploying or deleting it. Also, the user have the ability to create new stack by defining some compulsory parameters:
  • Name, tag.
  • Layer Settings with name and AMI Selection.
  • By default, the instance launch is t2.nano, user can change the instance type.
  • Selection of appplication settings or let it run by default.
  • SSP than calculate the cost estimation per hour and per month
Orchestration Tasks Defined orchestration task for different operating system and a script to use after deploying the task. 4. Admin Demonstration Basically admin user manage all entities used in Self-Service-Portal such as:
  • Cloud Settings used when deploying new stack in technical user : VPCs, Subnets, DB Subnet Groups, Regions, AMIs, Instance type
  • Users : Create and edit user in SSP
  • Permissions : Manage permission for each user
  • Tags management
  • Simple Storage Service (S3) management