akaminds is a platform about AI, IoT and data analytics, developed by FPT Corporation. ‘Akaminds’ term is the combination of ‘Aka’ (abbreviation of ‘infant’ in Japanese) and ‘mind’, implying that artificial intelligence is like the brain of an infant, which can learn quickly.

FPT’s mission is to aggregate FPT’s knowhow and capabilities to assist customer in implementing digital transformation in a faster and more agile way at lower cost, adapt with customer’s business & operation. The heart of akaminds Professional Services is a digital platform product named akaminds. akaminds holds a mission to aggregate FPT Software people’s knowhow and capabilities to assist customers in implementing digital transformation in a faster and more agile way at lower cost.

Key principles are:


  • Any preferable infrastructures of your choice


  • Build the platform that is just for you, specifically for your digital business

Building Blocks

    • Implement digital transformation in the most flexible way at minimum costs

Solution & Technologies
akaminds Digital Platform

akaminds satisfies all the challenges of Customer’s Digital Transformation Journey and delivers 3S+1P values

3S (Speed, Skill, Scalability) + 1P (Price)

  • Speed: PoC can be completed within a month with Agile Factory. Customer can quickly see the benefits of DT in their enterprise.
  • Skill: Experts with rich experience in various technologies (AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud…) will assist customer to innovate business model
  • Scalability: Easily scale up to a large number of devices, products, apps, various modules (AI, analytics…) which generate a huge data volume
  • Price: Low license cost with open source tools & low deploment large pool of offshore, nearshore, onsite Team


Read more about akaminds platform at https://akaminds.co.jp/#/


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