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An up-to-date source of information related to emerging technology trends, software development and IT services news in automotive industry.

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Why Automotive IT Consulting is Gaining More and More Popularity

Automotive IT consulting is no longer considered an optional service for those who can afford expert’s advice. On the contrary, it has become a basic strategy that both start-ups and leaders of the automotive industry use to successfully compete on the market. Such popularity is not just a trend; IT consulting automotive companies such as FTP Software provide lots of benefits with a direct impact on the bottom line of the client company. Here is how they do it. Niche […]

5 Reasons to Hire an Automotive IT Consulting Company

It may not always be apparent why you should hire a consulting firm. That is why, as an IT consulting automotive company, FPT Software decided to compose a list of 5 reasons why hiring a consultant is advantageous for business Forewarned is Forearmed The most common reason for hiring an automotive IT consulting company is to get an extra pair of hands. It may help if your managers are too overwhelmed with their tasks or they deal with an emergency […]

What You Need To Know about In-Vehicle Infotainment Cybersecurity in 2019

With all of the improvements in modern vehicles as they become more and more connected, all systems from safety to entertainment, are controlled by computers. In fact, today’s cars rely on about 100 million lines of code to get them moving. This has raised concerns about automotive cybersecurity. The lines between transportation and software are blurred now. 62% of automotive manufacturers think that it’s likely that malicious attacks will occur in their software or components in the next year. This […]

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Trends Are on The Way to Intuitive Connected Vehicles

Dials and switches are used to control everything in modern vehicles. As the automotive industry evolves so do its norms. Today, we are rapidly moving towards a world of shared and self-driving cars. Automotive manufacturers implement a range of human-machine interface technologies (HMIs) including voice controls, interior-facing cameras, touch-sensitive surfaces and smarter, personalized platforms. Voice control is among preferred interfaces and has the largest percentage of HMIs, since it allows hands-free control and therefore less distraction from the road. Other […]

The 10 Amazing Applications of Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

Augmented reality is now being adopted across many industries, due to its ability to provide outstanding customer experience. Its functions have made what was 90s sci-fi into reality! The automotive industry, of course, has benefited from such developments. AR enables engineers to visualize concepts in a different, more effective way. What’s more that it helps when training employees, so they are able to perform better. A couple of years ago, BMW started applying an innovative concept for training employees and […]

5 Tips For Cybersecurity and Connected Vehicle Hacking

The technological revolution of the 21st century has impacted the automotive industry, to a point where it’s expected to change the fundamental purpose of a vehicle. New connected cars can now do almost anything our smartphones can. They not only take us from point A to point B but communicate with all of our IoT devices and even schedule their own repairs. However, these next-generation vehicles come with a security threat: connected car hacking. It’s expected that the number of […]

CAD vs. Human-Generated Design in Connected Cars

Today automotive designers have a powerful tool to work with, computer-aided design (CAD) software. Long gone are the days of sketching or building models out of clay. Now technology helps designers to bring their ideas to life and facilitate the process of designing and refining them. CAD is not only used in the automotive industry. It’s also helpful for shipbuilding, aerospace design, architecture and industrial design. CAD was first used for an automotive way back in the mid 1960s. Since […]

What You Need to Know About On-Board Diagnostic Systems

For a while now, connected vehicles were storing data on fuel usage and driving patterns in their black boxes, to prepare reports and trigger alerts. The On-Board Diagnostic System (OBD system) is a framework for that. The On-Board Diagnostic System describes a vehicle’s capacity to self-analyze and report issues. This framework was developed back in 1968 when Volkswagen made the first OBD framework with scanning ability in their Volkswagen 3 vehicles. It was institutionalized in 1994 and named On-Board Diagnostics […]

Top 5 Trends and Challenges in Automotive Ethernet

Connected cars are a trending topic in the automotive industry. They rely on the Ethernet, or more accurately, the automotive Ethernet. In case this term sounds unfamiliar to you, let’s start with a short explanation. The automotive Ethernet is an array of networking technologies used in local area networks (LAN), where computers are connected in primary physical space. Systems that use Ethernet communication divide data streams into frames. These include source and destination address information and mechanisms for detecting errors […]

AUTOSAR Concept: A New Car Software Development Trend of 2019

In the automotive industry, OEMs want to constantly add new functionalities to their existing platforms or develop new ones that include them, in order to meet the increasing demands of customers. Including more functionalities causes a growing complexity in the development process of software and a number of variants for one automotive platform, through the same or separate Electronic Control Units (ECUs). In order to achieve the development of new systems at the same time, companies need to hire more […]


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