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Pros and Cons of Self-Driving Vehicles

Experts claim that autonomous driving software development has a great future. But, while there are numerous advantages of self-driving vehicles, there are also some disadvantages. The recent fatal accident that involved an autonomous car operated by Uber has undermined people’s confidence in the implementation of this technology. That is why we’ve made a comprehensive list of pros and cons of self-driving cars. Pros Economic Benefit The implementation of self-driving cars within the transport system is expected to bring substantial economic […]

How Internet of Vehicles Is Changing the World

Global digital transformation and technological advancements has put the automotive industry in a state of disruptive transition. This transition has given rise to an increase in vehicle ownership which is as a result of increase in population, consumer wants and experiences. Because of consumer pressure, most automotive companies have moved beyond automation to implementing Internet of Things (IoT), which is making a great impact on the automotive industry. Internet of Things or IoT is a global network that comprises web-enabled […]

How Tesla Changed the Auto Industry Forever

The electric car and assisted driving software have become true landmarks of the digital transformation in the automotive industry. Still, this and other disruptive technology didn’t emerge by itself. There are automotive companies that stay at the forefront of digital transformation introducing major innovations and setting standards for all the rest. Tesla is a prominent example of such a company.  Tesla is geared towards bringing forth a change that will benefit the world of today and the generation to come. […]

Top 5 Digital Trends That Changed the Automotive Industry in 2019

The automotive industry is experiencing a digital transformation which is not only triggered by technological trends but also by social trends and consumer needs. A metal box on four wheels is becoming a smart driving computer and the strategy used in its manufacturing is also evolving. Thanks to advancements in digital mapping, GPS, processor and sensor systems, autonomous vehicles are now taking shape. Some automakers like Mercedes-Benz, General Motors and BMW are already making a stand in these digital trends. […]

Top 7 Trends In Automotive IT Consulting

The automotive industry is now becoming one of the most complex in the world as a result of consumer requirements. Due to technological advancements, the industry is now moving its processes from offline or manually handled to online or internet handled. The market is throwing up new challenges and the automotive industry is looking for ways to meet up with its competitors. To be able to do this, companies now use automotive industry consulting firms to increase the sales and […]

Top 5 most innovative automotive companies

Since the invention of the gas-powered car in the 1891s, automobiles have drastically changed. And they changed our lives too. Due to modernization, an increase in population and evolution, there are now around 1 billion cars in use and over 15 popular automotive companies worldwide. People now use cars as a status symbol and often upgrade for a better look or performance.   A digital transformation which is an application of digital tools to enhance performance, products, and services, has […]

5 Principles of Software Development in the Automotive Industry

It is no news that the automotive industry is getting bigger, better and more complex. The automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors by revenue. Even though most parts of an automobile are hardware, change is predominantly driven by modern software implemented into vehicles. The software changes many areas of customer experience via car connectivity features, infotainment, and smart driver assistance. Under the conditions of a great focus on innovation and fierce competition in the automotive market, […]

10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Automotive IT Consultants

The digital transformation of the automotive industry has become so hectic that companies find it difficult to recognize all the trends and market needs. Even if they do, they can spend too much time doing market research, contemplating innovative ideas and assessing risks. This is why automotive IT consulting has been gaining popularity in recent years. There are many reasons to hire an automotive IT consulting company. Still, a lot depends on the actual choice you make. Thus, be scrupulous […]

How AI Has Been Сhanging the Automotive Industry

2019 has proved that digital transformation is now a matter of survival for automotive companies – you either respond to the trends and innovate or vanish from the market. Although digital transformation is not limited to AI, it is Artificial Intelligence that has been making some dramatic changes in the automotive industry lately. Although AI has seen massive investment and 10% of automotive companies have been deploying AI at scale during the previous year, experts still consider such automotive’s AI […]

How to Build a Successful App Roadmap in the Automotive Industry

There is a high demand for digital transformation in the automotive industry. Still, it doesn’t mean that any automotive digital transformation initiative is boomed for success. Forbes reports that 84% of companies fail at digital transformation and the automotive industry is no exclusion here. Having vast experience in automotive digital transformation consultancy, FTP Software can confidently claim that a clear and focused roadmap for software development is vital to successful product launch. How to Build an App Roadmap? An app […]


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