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8 Transformative Trends in Automotive Software Development

The automotive industry nowadays relies more and more on digital technology. Digital transformation hasn’t skipped the automotive sector as well. Cars are not just cars anymore – their supercomputers on wheels. However their fundamental purpose remains the same, so all of their value-added features are shifting the focus from hardware to software content. According to Reuters, the need for advanced safety features in automated and autonomous cars will increase vehicle software revenues more than four times to $1.2 trillion a […]

How Digital Technologies Can Improve the Car-Buying Experience

Digital transformation drives change across a broad number of industries. Technologies are starting to fundamentally change our lifestyles. Car buying is not an exception. Modern customers are fully informed about the cars they’re interested in and once they reach the point when it’s time to go to a dealership, they know exactly what they want. However, buying a car often turns out to be a very intuitive purchase. You have to get in, place your hands on the wheel and […]

From IoT to IoV (Internet of Vehicles): Everything You Need to Know

As self-driving cars tend to become more of a conceptual reality rather than an idea, the question of how they’ll interact with other vehicles becomes more and more pressing. As such, we can see a new concept taking shape: the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Comprising a system that intends to enable vehicle-to-vehicle communications, as well as further insights into human-driven connected cars on the road, the IoV is bound to impact the overall automotive development. Hence, we’d like to dive […]

Applications of IoT In The Automotive Industry

The Internet of Things is making its way to becoming a part of our daily lifestyle. It consists of devices connected over a network, that is slowly changing the way we live. According to Statista, the number of IoT connected devices is more than 26 billion and it’s projected to grow to over 75 billion in 2025. Furthermore, there are 127 new IoT devices connected to the internet every second. Many industries have started to make use of that. Consumers […]

Smart Fleets Are The Smart Choice: Here’s Why

Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things have improved driver functionality. The evolution of smart devices, on the other hand, has provided fleet businesses with many opportunities to boost their overall performance. For a short period of time, smartphones have become a part of our lives. Today, we don’t go a minute without our smart devices. Fleet drivers make no exception. Furthermore, their mobile device offers functionality and connectivity from wherever they are. They are also a […]

The Latest Trends in In-Vehicle Infotainment 2019-2020

In-vehicle infotainment is a collection of hardware and software in automobiles that provides audio or video entertainment. It originated with car audio systems and CD players. Today, they’ve evolved in automotive navigation systems, video players and network connectivity. The variety of functionalities offered in an in-vehicle infotainment system isn’t limited to the things we’ve listed above. It now has way broader horizons. The ever increasing demand from consumers for new feature integration and technology advancements are anticipated to result in […]

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in Automotive in 2019

Digital transformation and technological advancements of today bring the automotive industry to a state of disruptive transition. Manufacturers are being challenged by changing customer needs, as they are now demanding a more digitalized experience. The modern customer is all about convenience. He wants seamless connectivity and the best driving experience, with things to bring comfort while traveling. As such, innovations like IoT or Artificial Intelligence make an impact on the automotive industry in 2019 as they . It’ll be mostly […]

Top 5 Trends in Driver Assistance Software

ADAS or advanced driver assistance systems are set to enhance vehicle safety, as they help to simplify the driving process by reducing sources of driver distraction and inattention that often lead to accidents. With this assistance software, drivers and passengers will find safer roadways, countering frightening trends in motor vehicle accidents. According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 1,35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic accidents and injuries from such accidents are the leading cause […]

Top 9 Trends Shaping the Automotive and Mobility Industry

Today technologies have highly impacted the automotive industry, as digital transformation spreads across the world. Cars are slowly turning into our new tech accessories. Our sci-fi movie visions seem to get closer to reality each year. Of course, this is mostly driven by the growing expectations of modern consumers. Once features like Wi-Fi connectivity in your car, were way too much to ask for. However, today there are not only Wi-Fi-equipped cars, but they have become IoT devices, which connect […]

What is AUTOSAR And Why Is It Important

The automotive industry had turned to embedded software development, which is fundamentally different than the traditional models. Usually, experienced engineers don’t spend the time to share their knowledge and innovations about the development processes, so there’s an initial brain fog when a new technology or concept is mentioned. AUTOSAR is one of those concepts. In this post we’ll give you more information about it and why it’s important to the automotive industry. As defined by Wikipedia AUTOSAR or AUTOmotive Open […]


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