How Tesla Changed the Auto Industry Forever

automotive industry

The electric car and assisted driving software have become true landmarks of the digital transformation in the automotive industry. Still, this and other disruptive technology didn’t emerge by itself. There are automotive companies that stay at the forefront of digital transformation introducing major innovations and setting standards for all the rest. Tesla is a prominent example of such a company. 

Tesla is geared towards bringing forth a change that will benefit the world of today and the generation to come. The company is consistently named one of the most innovative companies in the world and its stock value is soaring. Keep reading to a perfect picture of the change the auto industry owes to Tesla. 

1. Auto-steer features

automotive industries

The auto-steer feature allows you to keep your car in its current lane while upholding the distance and speed between vehicles on the road. When Tesla introduced the feature, other digital transformation auto companies followed suits, thereby, coming up with similar systems for semi-autonomous driving. For example, GM has equipped its Caddilac CT6 with Super Cruise, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has received the Drive Pilot, Nissan has introduced a ProPilot, and Audi has supplemented its new A8 with autonomous driving features. Nonetheless, Tesla remains a pioneer automotive company to have brought forth an autopilot feature, which was a great step towards autonomous driving

2. Electrification

The automakers started producing electrification features responding to customer requests. The advent of electric cars may not be new to us but, the truth is, the entire accolade should be given to Tesla for this innovation because they are the first to release them. Tesla electric car is also faster than any other electric car at the moment. The most interesting point of all these is that Tesla has changed the perception of electric vehicles: they are not considered safer than traditional engine cars.

3. Exclusive & Perfect Design

automotive industry

Virtually all the electric cars in the marketplace have a near similar design with little or no changes. It’s Tesla that makes all the difference introducing the exclusive and perfect looking Model X, sinuous design of the Model S, or the futuristic design of Cybertruck. Investing in the brand new design, Tesla made electric cars cool and trendy boosting their popularity and setting new standards to automakers.  

4. Software 

So far, there’s nothing better than Tesla’s ability to update software over the air (OTA), which is virtually the nightmare to other market competitors. In nearly 5 years after the Tesla Model S was launched, no other auto company could produce a similar software update technology. Being bold enough to assume the risk of hacking, Tesla became the king in the auto digital transformation. 

OTA is cost-effective and can be handled easily, which makes the best way of updating software other companies would probably take up soon. 

5. Automotive IT consulting 

automotive IT consulting

Tesla has drawn Silicon Valley and the auto industry closer than ever. A modern car is no longer conceivable without great automotive software, which drives the popularity of automotive IT consulting companies worldwide. More and more companies are ready to leverage professional help to be able to cater to the needs of the market.   

The IT company’s input has become more diverse too. Automotive technologies are no longer limited to auto software but redefine the automotive companies’ marketing strategies, manufacturing, supply chain, security, and insurance management. This opens new growth and innovation possibilities to the automotive sector.    

6. Breeding New Competitors 

Before Tesla came onboard, there were a few startups entering the automotive industry. Now, a new startup is trying to tap into the Tesla’s market share every few months. Lucid Motors, Faraday Future, NextEV, and other producers are trying to imitate Musk’s digital transformation strategy by creating expensive electric cars, building customer loyalty, and taking the profit to build a mass-market empire. This means that Musk has managed to make the market more robust making the auto industry much more competitive.

automotive industry

Final Thoughts

Tesla has changed the automobile industry forever introducing some groundbreaking features. The OTA software update, security, well-designed interior, and several other great features have made Tesla a king in electric motor brands bringing forth a high standard for other automakers to follow.