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Computer vision – A mobile approach to modern automotive

The automotive industry has been being revolutionized by three important trends: (1) the shift to Electric Vehicles, (2) Internet of Vehicle for interconnections between vehicles and connections between vehicles and infrastructure, and (3) Autonomous Driving. The former is driven not only by the shortage of fossil energy but also by the full intervention in steering control of Electric Vehicles, facilitating Autonomous Driving function. The advances of camera technology and computer vision techniques have been emerging as indispensable keys to revolutionize […]

Functional analysis of production grade and certifiable self-driving systems

This paper proposes to decompose an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) into several layers in order to maximize the reuse of certified and critical components while enabling car manufacturers to still have some differentiation factors in it. The lower layers abstract the vehicle sensors and actuators so that all the above layers can be reused on any other vehicle. The middle layers focus on understanding the vehicle surrounding and guaranteeing its safety. The upper layers focus on getting the user […]

Healthcare Collaboration & Monitoring Solutions

“By integrating the latest mobile, cloud, and sensor technology, the idea of a Care platform was brought forth to increase patient engagement across the care continuum from early screening and detection, through recovery, rehabilitation, and maintenance.” Our solution make the communication and collaboration within Healthcare sector much easier. See how we do it by downloading our whitepaper.

Insurance Fraud Detection

The Need Health Insurance institutions want to audit insurance claims based on the suitability of prescribed medications, medical procedures, medical services and treatment plans. Manual audit proves to be ineffective, failing to achieve 30% target while the process is expected to address both spontaneous and systematic types of fraud.

FPT eHospital

FPT eHospital is a comprehensive hospital management system trusted by 400+ big hospitals and clinics to manage all activities from patient registration to discharge from the facility. Get to know more on our solution by downloading the full version of this whitepaper.

Migrating Massive Legacy Lotus Notes Database

INTRODUCTION During the mid-1990s, IBM Lotus Notes’ ability to optimize business processes and handle workflow without requiring considerable coding effort was unprecedented. For over 20 years, the collaboration platform is still growing strong and has been serving customers from all industries. However, for major companies in conventional industries who wish to differentiate and disrupt their industry with technology advancement, an enormous legacy Lotus Notes system proves to be a setback. Lotus Notes applications have a low level of integration, making them irrelevant […]

Leveraging Enterprise systems to cloud

INTRODUCTION Six years ago a PM asked me “What is cloud computing?”. My answer was “It is a computer running somewhere else which you can access using the Internet.”, to which he replied “This is full of potential.” According to a report by IDG in 2014, 70% of CIOs will embrace a cloud first strategy by 2016. Enterprises are moving their systems to the cloud or transforming them. This paper aims to provide a picture of the cloud transformation practice based on […]

An Approach to Integrating Data Fusion into Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Abstract Demand for the development of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is created by the desire to build safer vehicles and roads, and thus to reduce the number of road fatalities and legislation of the leading country. Since ADAS and automated vehicles require much more complex sensory input, the automotive industry faces a great challenge in turning autonomous driving into a reality. As a result, ADAS requires special methods to handle multiple sensory inputs, such as Data Fusion Algorithm. This […]

Developer’s Guide to Azure RemoteApp Hybrid Collection Deployment

Abstract Azure RemoteApp is Microsoft’s sure-fire solution to providing secure, remote access to Azure-based applications from different user devices.  The product comes in two collections: cloud collection for applications which do not require connection to any resources on companies’ networks; and hybrid collection for applications that not only host and store data in the Azure cloud, but also allow you to access data and resources stored on local network. By conducting a series of PoCs, the author hopes to decipher the […]

The Successful Outsourcing Story of ORT in Vietnam

The Old Republic Title Insurance Group (ORTIG) is a leading US company specializing in title insurance policies and related real estate transaction and mortgage lending products and services to individual consumers, mortgage lenders, businesses and government agencies. In 2005, Old Republic Title Insurance was expecting to expand their business and reach out to more customers. One of their core systems, the Vendor management system, was starting to stagger behind, leaving little room for the business to grow. The few in-house […]