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Digital Transformation: Lessons from gurus at Global DX Summit 2019

Digital transformation is hard. As reported by Forbes, more than 80 percent of digital transformations fail, with no exception to big names like GE, Procter & Gamble, and Nike. So last month, we gathered the strategic minds in digital transformation, thinkers and creators included, to the Global DX Summit 2019 and discussed how we should go about this  process. These are things we learned from gurus at this exclusive event. Digital Kaizen Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy that originates [...]

FPT joins Automotive Grade Linux and the Linux Foundation to accelerate Connected Car development

FPT, the Southeast Asia’s leading IT company, has joined the Automotive Grade Linux project at the Linux Foundation, marking an important stage in FPT’s automotive technology development. The Linux Foundation is a world-class technology consortium which enables mass innovation through open source with the prominent Connected Car project – Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). As a member, FPT will contribute resources, infrastructures and knowledge to an expansive open source ecosystem. The company plans to support development of shared technology resources by […]

The 03 Cs of Global DX Summit 2019

  Digital transformation is no longer the matter of 'should we do it or not'. Rather, it has come to the time where people start talking on the 'how' - how to reinvent your business through digital transformation. Last Thursday, the Global DX Summit 2019 created a platform for such discussions. The three-day exclusive event, as put it simply by FPT’s DX Chief Advisor Phuong Tram, is about three things: Community, Conversation and Content. Community For the first time, more than [...]

Digital Transformation: Where to start?

Around the world, business leaders have started to take digital transformation seriously. Global DX spending, according to the latest report by International Data Corporation (IDC), is estimated to reach $1.18 trillion in 2019, a whooping increase of 17.9 percent over last year. But what does the path to digital transformation look like? FPT Chief Advisor in Digital Transformation, Mr. Phuong Tram, shared some food for thought. “In digital transformation, you need to think big, but start small and scale as […]

FPT to launch hailing app for self-driving cars this October

Residents at Ecopark, a township on the southeast side of Hanoi will soon able to book electric vehicles for a breakfast ride in their neighborhood. Only that there will be no human driver behind the wheel. The promise is made explicitly by FPT Software Chairman Hoang Nam Tien last week as he signed an agreement with Yamaha Motor and Ecopark to develop autonomous technologies on an electric vehicle, using the company’s autonomous technologies. The vehicle would be equiped with advanced self-driving […]

SBI Holdings invests $3 million in FPT’s blockchain startup

Representatives of FPT and SBI signed the three-million dollar deal in Tokyo on 17 April, 2019 TOKYO/HANOI, April 18th, 2019 – Tokyo-based SBI Holdings Inc. (“SBI”) yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with FPT Corporation (“FPT”) to invest $3 million dollars in Utop, a FPT blockchain startup that bridges loyalty point programs among merchants. Utop makes it easy and convenient for users to garner and redeem loyalty points at retailers within the same network, thereby enabling small businesses to grow […]

Experts from Palantir, Google’s Deepmind to share insights at Global DX Summit 2019

International speakers from global tech firms including Palantir Technologies, Google’s Deepmind have confirmed their speeches at the upcoming Global DX Summit Ha Long. Mr. John Harris, Executive Vice President at Palantir Technologies, will be guiding the audience through the journey of digital transformation at leading corporations. Google Deepmind’s research scientist, Dr. Bui Hai Hung, will be joined by Prof. Ho Tu Bao, Professor Emeritus at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), to shed light on the role of […]

FPT, Yamaha Motor, and Ecopark join forces to develop self-driving vehicles

Hanoi, 11 April 2019 – Vietnam’s leading information technology company FPT, Japanese motorcycle maker Yamaha Motor (Yamaha) and urban developer Ecopark have entered into a memorandum of understanding on Thursday to develop self-driving electric vehicles through FPT’s autonomous technologies. According to the MoU, FPT will develop autonomous driving software on a Yamaha electric vehicle based on a golf car, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technologies. Yamaha will provide technical support and vehicle consulting during the […]

FPT joins AWS Summit Singapore 2019 as Premier Partner

As the first Premier Partner of Amazon Managed Services (AWS) in Southeast Asia, FPT joins AWS Summit 2019 today in Singapore to showcase digital services and cloud technology solutions. AWS Summit 2019 is part of Amazon’s global event series in managed services, bringing together the cloud computing community around the world to connect, collaborate and learn about AWS. FPT was recognized an AWS premier consulting partner in April last year, the first ASEAN headquartered representative to be accorded its highest […]

FPT Chairman on Digital Transformation: “Get on board or get left behind”

Digital transformation has moved from strategy to execution for major businesses around the world. To stay in the game, according to FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh, it’s no longer a choice for businesses, “you either get on board or get left behind”. According to a recent report by International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide spending on the technologies and services that enable the digital transformation (DX) of business practices, products, and organizations is estimated to reach nearly $2 trillion by 2022. In 2018 […]


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