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FPT Software Showcases Digital Logistics Solutions at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2020

This February, FPT Software attended Logis-Tech Tokyo 2020 – Innovation Expo, Japan’s largest exhibition for material handling and logistics, to introduce disruptive solutions that help accelerate digital transformation in the logistics industry.   The 26th Logis-Tech Tokyo hosted over 20,000 visitors and 200 leading companies including Hitachi Ltd., Nippon Express Ltd., Sumitomo Corp., and Toshiba Group, to exhibit their digital logistics capabilities.     At this year’s event, FPT Software’s innovative solutions for the logistics industry have generated meaningful conversations […]

FPT Software Brings Digital Solutions for Manufacturing Industry to Tokyo

Last week, FPT Software attended the 4th Smart Factory Expo, Japan’s largest exhibition for smart factory solutions, to showcase its digital capabilities that will enable manufacturers to overcome efficiency challenges. As Asia’s major playfield for IT exhibitors, the 4th Smart Factory Expo has welcomed over 730 global leading digital solutions providers including Fujitsu Ltd., Hitachi Ltd., and Panasonic Corp. to demonstrate their disruptive technologies and products.     At the three-day event, FPT Software showcased its latest digital products and solutions including akaBot, akaminds, akaMES to over […]

FPT Software Chairman: “Technologies No Longer for Wooing”

In a recent interview with Vietnam’s national television VTV, FPT Software Hoang Nam Tien stressed the importance of artificial intelligence in solving real-life problems, particularly in healthcare. “Technologies are no longer for wooing purposes. They have really changed our lives”, he told the reporter.     “These days, people are concerning about the risk of getting Coronavirus infection right? Here is where Artificial Intelligence and Big Data come into play. There is actually a program that allows us to track the travel […]

FPT Software Develops AI Application for Lung Disease Diagnosis

FPT Software has recently developed an AI-powered model that helps detect pneumothorax through image segmentation. The model is also applicable in the early detection of lung diseases such as pneumonia, sarcoidosis, cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, lung cancer, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. In 2019, FPT Software developed a network architecture called Residual Capsule Networks for medical image segmentation, based on which it built a deep-learning model to identify pneumothorax areas on the medical X-ray images. From more than 10,000 2D chest X-ray […]

FPT Slovakia Among Top IT Employers in Slovakia

In a poll of more than 36,000 employees carried out by Bratislava-based employment website Profesia, FPT Slovakia was voted the second most attractive employer in the IT and software services category.   According to the Profesia, the most attractive employers were selected for several reasons, including (1) quality services and products, (2) strong and well-known brand, (3), (4) company reputation, (5) pleasant working environment, and (6) team and people.   Now on its 8th year, a total of 189 companies […]

FPT Software’s AI Algorithm Wins at International Challenges

Residual Capsule, an AI algorithm for healthcare developed by FPT Software, has won top places at the US-based 2019 Kidney Tumor Segmentation Challenge (KiTS19) and Pneumothorax Challenge. FPT Software competed against more than 800 teams around the world to pitch the best methodologies for kidney tumor semantic segmentation at KiTS19 and sat at top 6 per cent overall. Its AI algorithm Residual Capsule could detect on average 93.9 per cent of kidney dice and 56.6 per cent of tumor dice. FPT […]

FPT Software: 2019 Year in Review

2019 was an incredible year as FPT Software marked important steps towards becoming a global player in IT and digital transformation services, from opening a world-class campus to closing big deals. As we ring in the new year and decade, let’s take a moment to reflect some of the achievements that have been and will be the inspiration for our journey ahead.   F-Town 3 Campus Launch In November, FPT Software announced the opening of F-Town 3, the latest and largest of its six campuses in […]

FPT Chief Digital Transformation Advisor on Significance of Cross Leadership

The challenges of digital transformation are many, from changing people’s mindset to selecting the right tools. But as FPT Chief Digital Transformation Advisor Phuong Tram said in a recent management workshop, the biggest challenge of all is to get consensus across the board. “Each leader is an individual”, Tram said. The key isn’t getting an individual leader, but an integrated team of C-levels to sponsor digital transformation, he added. Tram was once former Chief Information Officer at DuPont and currently […]

FPT Software’s RPA Platform akaBot Wins Record Deal With Japanese Client

FPT Software on Monday signed a five-year licensing agreement with a Japanese company, enabling the use of its RPA platform akaBot to develop an innovative staffing solution for the client. While the contract amount was not disclosed, FPT Software’s Chief Delivery Officer Do Van Khac confirmed that it was “the most valuable licensing agreement” FPT Software ever obtained. Being a comprehensive RPA solution, akaBot automates hundreds of back-office operations, thus helping businesses save labor costs, boost productivity and minimize human […]

FPT Software Launches GDPR – Compliant Data Protection Policy

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), FPT Software recently launched a Corporate Data Protection Policy on its official website, providing the necessary framework conditions for cross-border data transfer among FPT Software, Subsidiaries and legal entities. Established in 1999, FPT Software has expanded its global presence to 24 countries and territories, serving more than 600 customers worldwide. In Europe, the company currently has subsidiaries in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic with six offices and […]


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