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3 ways to eliminate challenges for Japanese automotive companies

The success of automotive companies depends on how they tackle industry challenges. Amid changing consumer behaviors, new digital demands and rising labor shortage, Japanese industry players need to grasp opportunities to redefine themselves. Here are three ways to do so. Respond to the future of automotive retail As the volume and breadth of the available material on the Internet are increasing, prospects are able to access a huge amount of information (comparison of offers, lower prices, etc.) with just a […]

Automotive Partnerships: Automotive players join force with Tech companies

Having ranked in the top three countries with most cars manufactured since the 1960s (according to Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles), Japan is known for producing reliable cars with well-executed details. By stabilizing the car manufacturing process from design, assembly to production with high-safety and proven quality products, Japanese automakers and suppliers have established a competitive global position. However, the automotive industry is transforming with surprisingly rapid development of Tesla - an American automotive and energy company, Google’s car unit, [...]

FPT, Grab to develop smart city solutions as strategic partners

FPT and Singapore-based ride-hailing firm Grab have signed a strategic partnership agreement last Friday, which will see the duo working together to develop smart city solutions for Vietnam.  A real-time traffic surveillance system will be introduced, utilizing FPT’s expertise in smart transportation solutions as well as Grab’s traffic data and analytical capabilities. The two Southeast Asia’s leading tech firms also plan to develop electric vehicle charging stations in Vietnam and explore multi-modal transport initiatives that can integrate FPT’s public transport […]

FinTech Day 2019: How Digital Transformation is Reshaping Finance Sector?             

Digital transformation is changing the face of financial services and it does not show any sign of slowing down. People are paying for their coffee with one simple tap of their card. Banks reward client loyalty with points that can be exchanged for gift vouchers. But few people really understand what is going on beneath the surface. What are the back-end technologies that are causing this disruption? FinTech Day 2019 has the answer. Hosted by FPT Software for the second [...]

FPT Software named Vietnam’s Best IT Workplace  

FPT Software has been recognized as Vietnam’s best place to work in information technology by employer branding agency Anphabe and market research firm Intage. The news is released Wednesday as a result of the sixth annual survey conducted on 674 enterprises across over 20 industries. FPT Software makes it to Top 100 best workplaces in Vietnam for the second straight year, ranking 35th on this category. Meanwhile, it is for the first time named the best employer in the IT/outsourcing […]

FPT to host Global DX Summit, first of its kind in Vietnam

Preparations are in full swing as the Global Digital Transformation Summit is scheduled to take place in Ha Long late April. Hosted by FPT, the event for the first time will gather CIOs and executives around the world to discuss how to reinvent themselves through digital technologies. The Global DX Summit spans three days from 25 to 28 April this year, featuring guru talks, extensive networking sessions, and interactive workshops on a variety of topics from digital transformation challenges to […]

Biggest challenges facing the Japanese automotive industry in 2019

Do you know that the automotive industry is undergoing the most significant changes since Henry Ford industrialized automotive manufacturing in 1908? All these changes open up new growth opportunities and bring up big challenges concurrently, requiring YOU – companies in the automotive sector to acknowledge and manage them. Let’s take a look at the key challenges that Japanese automotive industry has to face in 2019. Consumer behaviour continues to change drastically According to Japan Times, the young generation in Japan, […]

FPT launches new office in Melbourne, Australia

FPT has officially opened a new office in Melbourne on Monday, extending its foothold in Australia and capitalizing on the rapid growth of the country’ second largest city. FPT’s Melbourne office is located at the heart of the city’s emerging mid-town — the Rialto Towers at 525 Collins Street. It is part of FPT Australasia, the company’s Sydney-based subsidiary that has been around since 2008.  “The Melbourne office fortifies our commitment to digital transformation in Australia — with the focus on […]

Accelerating Digital Transformation with AI: The Future is Now

Across industries, AI is helping to amplify human ingenuity with innovative solutions that elevate people’s lives, grow business value and address society’s challenges. As the result, when enterprises increasingly opt for digital transformation and especially with artificial intelligence AI, the focus has shifted from ‘what’ to ‘how’. Joining Microsoft’s AI conference this Friday, FPT brings in our stories of breakthroughs that are transforming the world. Deputy Director of FPT Software Hanoi, Mr. Tran Van Dung, will showcase our AI solutions as […]

FPT showcases enterprise blockchain Akachain at Money2020 Asia 2019

MARINA BAY SANDS, Singapore – As an early adopter of the digital Fintech trends, FPT brings to Money2020 Asia 2019 its digital transformation expertise and innovative solutions in the financial industry.  During the three-day event, FPT focuses on showcasing its latest blockchain-based solutions for the industry: Akachain. Powered by blockchain technology and smart contract, Akachain is designed to provide the technology infrastructure to support financial institutions in transforming business models and achieving operational excellence. One of Akachain’s major use cases is […]