Sales Force Automation System

Case Study: AWS Cloud Migration and Managed Services

The Client

Essent is the largest energy company in the Netherlands. Essent provides customers with gas, electricity, heat and energy services. Essent (including its predecessors) has over 90 years experience of generating, trading, transmitting and supplying electricity. Essent is part of Innogy SE. Essent has 2.3 million customers for electricity and about 2.0 million for gas. Essent was formed in 1999 by the merger of PNEM/MEGA Groep and EDON Groep, energy groups based in the south and north of the Netherlands respectively.

Business Needs

The customer needs to migrate all of their application from the old AWS VPC 1.0 environment (based in Ireland region) to the new AWS VPC 2.0 (based in Frankfurt region).

After the migration, the supplier takes ownership of AWS VPC 2.0 environment and provide AWS managed services to Essent.

The Solutions

FPT Software provides the solution to migrate, optimize all the applications and their environments (development, test, acceptance and production).

All the applications are designed to utilize AWS cloud native services and managed in a fully-automated fashion.


FPT Software team delivered a high-quality product at a reasonable efforts and costs. Perceived benefits of the project:

  • Achieved compliancy with RWE policies.
  • Managed and controlled environment.
  • Higher security of the systems provided.
  • Sufficient IP space available for future growth.
  • Standardization of processes (monitoring dashboards, proper SNOW registering, standard security controlling mechanisms in place).