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Digital Kaizen:

An Approach for Conducting Large-Scale Digital Transformation Projects

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While digital transformation creates opportunities across all industries, many businesses still do not know how to embark on this journey and hesitate to commit resources to such an unclear initiative.

In the attempt to discover new and practical approaches to implement digital transformation, a group of researchers from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University has investigated the impacts of Digital Kaizen – a philosophy that focuses on making continuous digital improvements – on large-scale projects.

The findings show that the adoption of Digital Kaizen has urged the investigated organization to continuously address cross-functional issues that are aligned with their strategic business goals, through implementing incremental digital changes that improve business processes and people engagement. Subsequently, these activities lead to sustainable and scalable digital transformation success that re-defines the organization’s value creation processes and identity.

If you are looking for an avenue to reinvent the way your business operates, this paper might provide useful insights into a new strategy for your transformation plan. Take this opportunity to inform yourself on:

The definition and uniqueness of the Digital Kaizen approach.
Reasons Digital Kaizen can deliver sustainable, scalable and impactful outcomes.
How Digital Kaizen can be adopted to improve employee engagement and skill inventory management.

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