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Business Functions that Can Be Performed by AI

Artificial Intelligence for Business: Top Applications Artificial intelligence has seemingly reached its peak of popularity, becoming a media darling on par with other trending topics like IoT and blockchain. However, such praise is justified, with businesses around the world reporting staggering cost savings along with improvements in customer and employee experience. Below is an overview of business domains where the use of AI has the most prominent effect. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Development Early in the course of artificial intelligence […]

What Is CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)

Outsourcing IT Support Services for CAE: Everything You Need to Know The field of computer-aided engineering is closely associated with solving complex technical problems. However, as technology progresses, CAE solutions offer benefits to an increasingly broad range of industries. At the same time, the lack of understanding prevents many organizations from integrating it with their operations. Based on our skills and expertise as CAE and IT support services, our team has prepared a primer on key aspects of the concept […]

Digitalization of Real Estate Industry

If you are in real estate and you plan to secure up your own offer to beat the competitors, then first and foremost it is essential to know where the market is heading. Digital transformation is an obvious buzzword this year but what exactly it means for the real estate world still remains a mystery for many small businesses. Well, let’s look at the trends and existing solutions to define the exact steps a company needs to make on the […]

What Is SAP and How Does It Help Enterprise Business

SAP is among the world’s primary producers of software for managing business processes, as well as for developing solutions that are capable of facilitating the effective processing of information flow across different organizations.  The company was initially called System Analysis Program Development and it was founded all the way back in the distant 1972. However, it was later abbreviated to SAP. Ever since it has managed to grow from a small five-person team to a multinational enterprise that is currently […]

How Does Blockchain Help Business

Back in 2018, 39% of executives were planning to invest about USD 5 million in blockchain technology. The same year, 94% of Fortune 500 companies already had ongoing blockchain-related projects. As you know, the numbers don’t lie. If the technology was such a hit two years ago among the top businesses of the world, then there is definitely something of great value in having it on your side. Blockchain has tremendous potential to change all the world’s operations as we […]

How Does Legacy Migration Work and Why Might Your Business Need It

Nobody likes old toys. We still want them to say the same words and do the same movements, yet we want them to look brand new and wink naturally. It is the same case with software and applications. Every company wants its apps (whether internal or external) to work efficiently, and they want them to do so forever. Unfortunately, the world of technology changes fast, and what is know-how today can become a legacy system tomorrow. Migration of such old […]

How Machines Understand Human Language – Natural Language Processing

We live in a time when the volume of information produced by humanity is more significant than ever before, and the amount of this data is growing every day. However, considerable benefit from this information can be obtained only with the correct processing and analysis of this data. Every second around the world, gigabytes of new data of various types are being created: new pictures and videos are taken, hundreds of reviews are written on goods in online stores, thousands […]

User Behavior Prediction by Means of AI

Artificial Intelligence for Business AI programming systems provide an opportunity to learn more about the needs of customers. Schemes built on the basis of information traces that buyers leave in the digital field (on social networks, company websites) collect and analyze data, and then provide companies with a solid background for user behavior prediction. Powerful artificial intelligence subsystems are used to study and predict needs, help make choices, and realize them, shaping a person’s portfolio of needs. Ultimately, it helps […]

Why Is IT Outsourcing So Good?

It is quite challenging to imagine the successful activity of any enterprise without utilizing the latest developments in the field of information technology. Many companies are ready to engage third-party contractors by ordering IT outsourcing to resolve operational issues. What are the advantages of this service, and why should you try it out? Read on to find out! IT Staff Outsourcing Services IT outsourcing services provided by a third-party organization specializing in this particular type of activity is not related […]

Optimizing Businesses Through AI and Field Service Management

A study conducted by Gartner back in 2019 revealed that 25% of the participants already had a machine learning (ML) or AI project planned for the following 12 to 18 months.  However, this doesn’t mean that all businesses are able to streamline the potential of this nascent technology into practical applications that manage to generate immediate results.  With this in mind, we’ve handpicked three ways AI can optimize business service management to bring further benefits for businesses.  #1 Service Triage […]