Case Study: MES Solution To Maximize Manufacturing Efficiency For Carlsberg

The Client

The Carlsberg Group is one of the leading brewery groups in the world, with a large portfolio of beer and other beverage brands. Their flagship brand – Carlsberg – is one of the best-known beer brands in the world, and the Baltika, Carlsberg and Tuborg brands are among the eight biggest brands in Europe. More than 41,000 people work for the Carlsberg Group and their products are sold in more than 150 markets.

Business Need

In the race to become an industry leader, the Carlsberg Group wished to adopt a manufacturing execution system (MES) to ensure effective execution of manufacturing operations and improve production output. They wanted to deploy MES Lite on PTC Thingworx – an application development platform for the Internet of Things at their 10 breweries in Asia and Western Europe. They also expected FPT to help customize and develop more features for the system in the future.

The Solution

MES is an information system that connects, monitors and controls complex manufacturing systems and data flows on the factory floor. Deploying MES on Thingworx platform will help to better manage manufacturing assembly process and data flow. In order to deploy the system at factories, FPT team firstly analysed the enterprise resource planning software (ERP) to identify requirements for ERP integration. After Automation and Networking Setup was completed, the team started to implement PTC ThingWorx configuration and Data migration.

Specifically, we configurated server computers that collected all data from sensors and ThingWorx IoT, including the following steps:

o          Create object “Plant”

o          Create object “Line”

o          Create object “Segment”

o          Create users

o          ….

Then we inserted Master Data which comprised of all input data, for example: SKU, Nominal Cycle Time, Beer Brand, Beer Size, Unit of Measure, etc.

Carlsberg MES Roll Out

The Benefits

The MES solution has been rolled out successfully at Carlsberg’s breweries in Asia and Western Europe. By integrating an MES with ERP software, factory managers can be proactive about checking real-time data performance and quality production in a timely and cost effective manner. MES solution also enables to calculate operational execution efficiency for all assembly processes and creates management reports automatically, helping high-level leaders get a comprehensive view of all factories, manage resources and produce profits more easily.

After this first project, FPT team has also deployed MES solution for Carlsberg’s breweries in Greece and China. More breweries in China and Vietnam are in the future plan.


Framework: ThingWorx

Middleware: KepWare, OPC Server

Database: MS SQL Server