Case Study: IoT Devices: BPO Solution for Manufacturing

The Client

The client is a global company engaged in a wide range of businesses via a network of numerous international bases in regions including Asia, the U.S., and Europe. They provide various solutions to the world with the advanced technologies that have been developed over the years. Their technologies are applied in a wide variety of fields ranging from packaging, publications to semiconductor. FPT has provided technology services and solutions for this client for several years.

Business Need

The client wanted to monitor operational data in their BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) factory in order to optimize performance and digitize their business process. Prior to that, the process of sorting and migrating data was manual hence time-consuming, while tracking operators was inefficiently implemented. This caused inconsistence and confusion for managers and decision-makers in monitoring the operation and allocating resources. Due to that, FPT helped the client to develop a data-driven solution which enabled them to address existing problems.

The Solution

The solution is to develop smart wearable devices for factory operators. With intensive experience in GE Predix, FPT offered a comprehensive solution deployed both on-premise and Predix cloud to sync data from smart wearable devices to cloud and perform data analytics. The devices are connected to IoT gateway by using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and other connectivity methods. As each operator is equipped with smart wearable device, operations managers are enabled to oversee the business and multiple operations in the factory by tracking operator’s location, performance on computer system and operational results, thus assessing working efficiency.

As the solution serves as analytics input parameter for importing and verifying data, dashboards and reports – developed by a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework with many charts and KPIs – are automatically released. Data is visualized so that operations administrators are able to build data modelling for operators instead of manually observing and filing data, contributing to continuous improvement. This data warehouse is expected to transform to data lake in the next phase of this project.

The Benefits

The solution has been successfully rolled out and put into operation since August 2018 with noticeable effects in efficiency, productivity and cost.

The factory performance is reported to be significantly optimized by cutting off unnecessary steps when operating. Based on tracked results and collected data, new business models have been drawn and established, aiming to reduce response time and operation cost. The environmental data also helps to adjust temperature/humidity to ensure health safety for operators.

Besides, the solution enables operations administrators to review the overall processes and functions performed on the data in real time, helping to mobilize and utilize resources appropriately.

With the proven benefits, the solution has the potential to be expanded to other factories of the client, contributing to the client’s digital transformation acceleration. FPT has supported the client to adopt Digital Transformation into their business activities and become the pioneer in BPO solution worldwide.


Angular JS, Cloud, GE Predix

Business Process Outsourcing Solution For Factory: Process Innovation With IoT