Case Study: Fleet Management For A Leading Logistics 3PLs

The Client

 A leading logistics 3PLs who is an intermediary in the distribution of goods to carriers.

Business Need

  • Our customer is working with many carrier vendors and retailers but the whole business is carrying out manually (through email, document, fax and phone call) which is time-consuming and contain human errors.
  • They need an integrated and systematic process for order dispatching and delivery fulfillment.
  • They need to digitalize the whole system for better fleet management, communication, optimization, and reports.
  • Integrate with Optimization Engine for provision of optimized travel routes and maximized delivery capacities using advanced algorithms.


  • Adoption of multiple systems that have no linkage and integration to get the information needed for service stakeholders.
  • Manual approach to handle customer feedback and tour intervention.
  • No insights into revenues and costs for reporting purposes.
  • No overview of ongoing tour progress
  • No overview of historical tours data
  • Inefficient delivery output as packages are hard to identify
  • The difficulty for the driver to locate pick-up and drop-off points.

The Solution

Develop a digital fleet management system with three platforms to foster a seamless integration network of retailers, suppliers, and third-party logistics providers.

Dispatcher Platform

  • Visualization and monitoring of tour plans
  • Vehicle and driver management
  • Ad-hoc generation and intervention of tour plans
  • Review tour completion reports

Dispatcher Platform


Admin Interface

  • Visualization and monitoring of all tour plans
  • Supplier & 3PL management
  • Configuration of optimization engine parameters
  • Ad-hoc generation and intervention of tour plans
  • 3PL cost matrix and supplier price matrix
  • Reporting

Admin Interface


Driver App

  • Visualization of tour plans
  • E-signature collection
  • Photo evidence submission
  • In-app messaging with Dispatcher


The Benefits

Dispatcher Platform

  • Reduce time spent on planning
  • Ability to track real-time progress and intervene quickly
  • Generate insights through comprehensive reporting features.

Admin Interface

  • Reduce time spent on planning
  • Ability to forecast delivery requirements in advance

Driver App

  • Digital records of transactions
  • Added visibility to tour plan progress
  • Ease of navigation to delivery



•ReactJS provides a JavaScript framework that improves the structure and maintainability

•React Native


•Bootstrap CSS


•AWS services: AWS API Gateway, Cognito, S3, CloudFront, ECS, SQS, SNS

•Backend programing language: PHP

Database Management System



Application Server

•Linux Centos Server



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